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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
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Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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It may not be the deepest game or the best video pinball title of all time, but it is a fantastic cart, and one that you will come back to again and again for as long as you own your Game Boy Advance.
GameZone (Jul 16, 2002)
Overall, this was a very fun and challenging game which provided a very entertaining twist to the game of pinball. Although the initial reaction may be the same as some people had to “Typing of the Dead” when it came out, to pass this one off as just another pinball game or silly translation of the House of the Dead game line would be a mistake. I highly recommend giving this one a shot. While it’s not the deepest game out or the most involved plot line around since at it’s core it is still pinball, it is still a whole lot of fun and will provide many hours of entertainment.
Game Chronicles (Aug 12, 2002)
Spooky pinball action with a flash of uniqueness awaits everyone with this GBA title. I enjoyed playing this game for many reasons such as graphical quality, sound quality, and diversity of the levels found in each of the three tables. This game is definitely worthy of purchase if you enjoy pinball games, and even if you don’t like pinball games I suggest you give this one a whirl.
Game Critics (Apr 09, 2003)
Technically, the game looks great on the GBA's small screen with fluid animation and a painless vertical transition as the ball zooms around. The cart also sports well-rounded production with a superb tutorial that explains the scoring nuances of each board as well as a "save anytime" feature that's a godsend for players on the go. To top it all off, there's even a challenge mode (complete with an ending) that involves taking on all of the game's bosses across the triad of levels. For fans of pinball or the walking dead, the game is a must-have.
Leider gibt es nur drei Spielfelder, diese sehen aber wirklich fantastisch aus und enthalten eine Menge Spielereien und Geheimnisse. Nachdem bestimmte Bedingungen erfüllt wurden, gelangt man in eine von sechs Boss-Stages. in der bekannte Endgegner mit gleich mehreren Kugeln bekämpft werden. Wenn sich zu viele Zombies auf dem Bildschirm bewegen, kommt es manchmal zu kleineren Rucklern, die aber nicht wirklich störend sind.
The Video Game Critic (Oct 21, 2004)
Sega didn't skimp on options either, allowing you to customize every aspect of the game from the number of balls to the color of the blood. Not only does the cart record high scores, but you can even save games in progress. If Pinball of the Dead has a weakness, it lies in the lame "tilt" control. Sure it jostles the table a bit, but never enough to affect the ball movement. Pinball of the Dead is a highly underrated game, and House of the Dead fans are sure to have a ball with it.
Gaming Target (Jul 19, 2002)
Each level contains a set number of bosses for you to defeat. When collecting enough letters or defeating certain enemy types, players can go up against a boss taken from House of the Dead 2. While the boss sometimes appears on the board, other bosses call for the ball at times to roll the ball into a pit that will take them through a separate corridor for battle. Here, they must use the two available flippers to lob the ball around the room and hit the boss. Though the makeup of each is just as creepy as House of the Dead 2, none of them happens to be too hard a task to overcome. Once each boss is defeated from a level, players will earn a large bonus. If the player is then positioned within the challenge mode, they will then advance to the next level.
Game Over Online (Jul 24, 2002)
As a pinball title, Dead will go down in the history books as one that tried to cash in on a license. Its pinball physics is rather wacky; not entirely realistic. Even for a non-pinball buff like me, I thought the ball performed a little off key. Pulling the flippers and watching the ball movement was like playing on an out of tune piano. But really, in light of Dead's treatment of horror and itself, it's all to be expected. Who really cares if a B-movie horror flick gets the tint of blood a little too pink? What Dead makes up in return is a good dose of ironic humor, irresistible charm and exuberant swagger, which are all the more strengthened if you've played House of the Dead before. This is some timeless B-grade horror fare that no enthusiast should pass up on.
IGN (Jun 19, 2002)
Sega really knows how to pull out the quality Game Boy Advance products, as Pinball of the Dead is another decent title for the handheld. It's not a fantastic pinball simulation, but the game's table design aren't exactly simulating real pinball's the continuous action, learning the specific places to shoot that makes Pinball of the Dead a solid GBA title. One strange omission: The design doesn't allow for multiplayer...not even hot seat fashion that most pinball games support.
GameSpot (Jul 12, 2002)
The value of any pinball table is debatable, insofar as it's all right there, right in front of you from the get-go, so the lasting appeal of a game like this isn't obvious. There are some secrets and the boss battles to look forward to, but really, it's not like there's a ton to see in The Pinball of the Dead. Still, as with any good pinball table, the fun of trying to rack up higher and higher scores is something that can become downright addicting. So if you're looking for a fun GBA game that's great to play either for brief stretches or for long periods of time, and especially if you're a fan of the House of the Dead series, then definitely check out The Pinball of the Dead.
Although Pinball of the Dead doesn't introduce anything terribly new for the genre, it's still an enjoyable pinball title; almost as fun as Devil's Crush for the TurboGrafx, but not quite. The ball physics are accurate, the boss encounters offer a decent challenge, and the extras are adequate enough. Plus, the theme – shooting shiny balls through zombie heads – appeals to me quite a bit. However, there's one glaring drawback that diminishes Dead's overall enjoyability: board variety. Not only are players limited to only three boards, but all of them bear too much resemblance to one another. Mainly, the design layout of each stage appears nearly identical. Still, since Dead is easy to get into and enjoy for a short while, you will find that it is a perfect game to pop in while stuck in an airport, or something.
GameSpy (Jul 23, 2002)
The Pinball of the Dead's only flaw is that it's more of a House of the Dead game on a pinball table, than a pinball game with a House of the Dead theme. This game probably won't appeal to the hardcore pinball enthusiast, but it will appeal to fans of the franchise. The game provides a decent amount of entertainment with literally no learning curve. Games can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. And, in the time it takes to drop another quarter into the machine, players can restart the game for another try.
Games TM (Feb, 2003)
Short of the lack of play areas (a real shame, although a few extra modes and areas are made available after extended play), there's very little to fault with Pinball Of The Dead. The flashy visuals rival the best part of the Game Boy catalogue while the sound is of particular note. Having expected blippy tunes and ropey effects, we're rewarded with exactly the opposite - every moan, ping and squelch is as good as anything we've heard come out of the tiny handheld and the music and speech are of an equally high standard. Being a pinball game, it's intended for 'little and often' play - give it just that and you should still be tilting the zombies away in six months time.
65 (Jan 15, 2003)
En somme, The Pinball Of The Dead s'avère un jeu de flipper assez sympathique bien qu'un peu limité en niveaux. Il permet néanmoins de passer des moments agréables lorsqu'on a rien d'autre à faire ou que l'on veut passer le temps, bref voici un titre pas prise de chou et idéal dans les transports en commun.