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    Despite the Nintendo DS system making a splash, Pokémon Emerald Version showed that the Game Boy Advance was still an excellent system. Fortunately for Nintendo DS owners, you could transfer Pokémon from any of the Game Boy Advance games into future DS Pokémon RPGs.

    Pokémon Emerald Version takes Trainers back to the land of Hoenn for an expanded adventure, this time against both Team Magma and Team Aqua! Pokémon Emerald also features an even more exciting storyline featuring the Legendary Rayquaza, and the chance to catch more Legendary Pokémon such as both Latios and Latias!

    Around the region you'll notice exciting locales, especially the Battle Frontier. The Battle Frontier is basically an amusement park for Trainers, with a variety of challenges in a number of arenas headed by the always-intimidating Frontier Brains, some of the most formidable Trainers you've ever faced.

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Nintendo Winter Catalog 2005:

    Join the Training Fun

    Embark on another fantastic adventure in the Hoenn region in this top-selling Game Boy Advance game. Trainers will need to use their best battling strategies ever, as they attempt to conquer the all-new Battle Frontier. Pokémon Emerald is the first Hoenn Pokémon adventure to allow players to trade and battle wirelessly using the Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter with Pokémon FireRed & Pokémon LeafGreen.

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    Pokémon Emerald took Trainers back to the land of Hoenn for an expanded adventure, featuring the all-new Battle Frontier. The Battle Frontier was basically an amusement park for champion Trainers, with a variety of challenges in different arenas headed by the always-intimidating Frontier Brains! But that’s not all that’s new – Pokémon Emerald also features a new Gym Leader, a new Pokémon League Champion, and the ability to catch more Legendary Pokémon like both Latios and Latias, as well an even more exciting storyline featuring the Legendary Rayquaza!

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    Return to Hoenn!

    The Story Continues ...

    Pokémon Emerald is storming onto Game Boy Advance with a vengeance. The third adventure to take place in the Hoenn region, Pokémon Emerald features all-new areas and exciting new plot twists.

    The story begins when your character, a young aspiring Pokémon Trainer, moves to Littleroot Town. Crammed amid a truckload of boxes, our hero enters the foreign neighborhood eager to explore. Shortly into your journey a challenge arises and you must choose from three Pokémon -- Torchic, Mudkip or Treecko -- and begin a quest to become the world's best Pokémon Trainer.

    Veterans of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire will recognize a lot of the locations in Pokémon Emerald, but many elements within the game have changed, the most exciting of which is the addition of the Battle Frontier. The locations and frequency of Pokémon are different, and you may even encounter a new Gym Leader in your journeys.

    The Stuff of Legends

    Team Magma and Team Aqua once again look to disrupt the civility of peaceful Hoenn. In Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire, the version you played determined which team would appear. It also determined whether you would encounter Groudon or Kyogre.

    In Pokémon Emerald, both gangs have set up camp in Hoenn. That means twice the evil, twice the scheming plans, and twice the number of legendary Pokémon up for grabs. Add sightings of the rare Pokémon Rayquaza to the mix, and the plot gets even thicker.

    Frontier Fun

    The ultimate arena in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire was the Battle Tower, a location only Pokémon League Champions could access. Since then, construction has been fast and furious in the area. The entire island has been turned into Battle Frontier, a hotbed of Pokémon competition.

    The highlights of Battle Frontier are the seven battle facilities. Built specifically with its master Trainer in mind, each area provides a unique combat experience. Each facility is headed by a Frontier Brain -- a powerful Trainer who will test every aspect of your combat skills. Your victories are memorialized in the form of Frontier Symbols. However, simply beating a Brain is not enough to earn the award -- usually you must defeat the same Brain multiple times to earn it. Here is a quick look at some of the places you won't want to miss during your stay on the Island.

    Battle Dome

    In the Battle Dome, not only do you get to use your own Pokémon, but you get to see which Pokémon your opponent will use before you select your team. Better still, a Battle Dome employee graciously provides clues about the toughness of your upcoming foe.

    Battle Arena

    The rules in the Battle Arena are pretty strict -- you can choose three of your own Pokémon, but you are not allowed to swap them out during battle, nor use Baton Pass, Gust or similar moves. The battles last only three rounds; a judge decides the winner at the end of the contest.

    Battle Factory

    As in the Battle Dome, a staffer in the Battle Factory will give you hints about the fighting style of your next Trainer. You have to use rental Pokémon in the Battle Factory -- not your custom-tailored superteam -- so make the most of the tips you receive.

    Battle Pike

    You never know what's behind the next door inside the Battle Pike, making it difficult to set up a strong party. You may find single or double Trainers, wild Pokémon or even Pokémon healers as you progress from room to room.

    Battle Pyramid

    Spark up that torch and dust off your spelunker's hat -- the Battle Pyramid is a dark and dusty place. At the start of the challenge your field of vision will be restricted to a tight radius, and it will expand following each victory. Collect as many items as you can, because you aren't allowed to bring any items with you into the Battle Pyramid.

    Battle Palace

    The Battle Palace stands as the most unique venue in the Battle Frontier. Trainers embroiled in Battle Palace events do not call the shots -- your Pokémon will decide how to fight. Before you commit your team to a Battle Palace competition, make sure that each of your Pokémon knows at least one move that matches its nature.

    Battle Tower

    The Battle Tower is an impressive high-rise structure that boasts intense Pokémon bouts. There are four battle types in the Battle Tower: Single, Double, Multi and Link Multi. Your enemies will get tougher the longer you last, so don't get too cocky if the first few fights are a breeze.

    Other Island Attractions

    Beyond all of the establishments that one would expect to see in a thriving community, there are several locations of note in Battle Frontier. Speak with the residents on the island -- they're eager to help you. For example, you may come across a young lady who has the ability to look directly into your Pokémon's souls and see exactly what they're thinking.

    If you wander off the beaten path, you could find yourself deep within a cave full of Pokémon you aren't able to catch anywhere else. Battle Frontier isn't just about honing your battle skills -- there's no shortage of adventures on the expansive island.

    Bottom Line

    Pokémon Emerald is an incredibly deep RPG with surprising plot twists and intense Pokémon battles. The addition of Battle Frontier makes Pokémon Emerald a sure-fire hit for any Pokémon fan.

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