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DS-x2 (Oct 01, 2005)
Whilst the production values in The Polar Express are undoubtedly very high it does suffer from being a bit of a 'one act' game as once you've done one platform section they do start to all look the same. This isn't just visually either as they generally have similar objectives with the only break occurring when you encounter one of the few 3D sections. It's a shame too because the game initially looked very promising but I've reviewed enough games now to be well aware that a preview is just that. You just have to remember the ECTS when the GameCube was launched and Kemco's Universal Studios was awarded console game of the show. Hard to believe now but it does illustrate my point perfectly. Back to this game though and if you're a die hard platform fan then there's much to do and collect here but everyone else should give the game a quick once over before parting with your cash.
GameZone (Dec 23, 2004)
I have not seen the movie, but since it's a kid's film, there must be a video game for it. Despite liking Tom Hanks, the movie's trailers have not lured me into the theater just yet. Maybe on video. In the meantime, I have been playing Polar Express for the Game Boy Advance. In Polar Express, you are a youngster that must complete totally unexciting tasks along a moving train that's headed towards the North Pole. There is riveting (non oral) narrative and instructions to lead your way into each challenge. The ultimate goal: Stay "with it" long enough to make it through the game without throwing it in the snow. Seriously, this (mostly) side-action scroller has been made a million times before, only usually much more interesting.
Glaubt mir, einfache Worte können nicht die Ohnmachtsanfälle beschreiben, die den gequälten Spieler vor blanker Langeweile überkommen. Dass sich euer kleiner Rotzlöffel auch noch bewegt, als würde ihm eine Pleuelstange im Hintern stecken, macht die ganze Sache nicht besser. Wirklich nicht.
38 (Nov 15, 2004)
I hope no child receives this game from Santa. Receiving this game as a Christmas present is worse than getting a lump of coal. The bogged down play control, the tasteless graphics, and weak game play concepts make the The Polar Express a title that should be avoided at all costs.
37 (Nov 19, 2004)
Hemos de ser positivos y pensar que el resultado de éste The Polar Express les ha pillado por sorpresa a los chicos de Tántalus. Nos encontramos con un cartucho sencillito, sin demasiada complejidad pero que a buen seguro solo podría gustar a los más peques de la casa, si bien alguien con experiencia en el género no tardaría más de dos tardes en completarlo. La ausencia de puzzles, variedad en las misiones y sobretodo dificultad, hacen que Polar Express un título poco recomendado, únicamente para los que disfruten del film. Tántalus ha perdido la oportunidad de romper el tópico, como cientos de compañías.
20 (Nov 24, 2004)
Le Pôle Express atteint des sommets d'ennui sur lesquels aucun oiseau ne pourra jamais bâtir son nid sous peine de se voir pris d'une violente mélancolie. Creux au possible, peu maniable et d'une banalité totale, cette adaptation GBA du film est à éviter à tout prix.