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Game Boy Advance version

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Title screen
Choose which of the 4 games you want to play.
Afterburner: you start off by taking off from an aircraft carrier.
Afterburner: use the lock on to fire missiles at on coming enemy aircraft.
Afterburner: you crash down in a puff of smoke when shot down.
Afterburner: flying over the desert.
Afterburner: you are given 5 credits in Afterburner.
Afterburner: refuelling after a long flight.
Outrun: choose what music you want to listen to.
Outrun: there is a large crowd waiting at the start line.
Outrun: going too fast around the corner results in you coming off the road.
Outrun: going through the checkpoint extends your time limit.
Outrun: hitting these massive stone heads doesn't do the paintwork any good.
Outrun: game over
Outrun: you get shown how far you got on the map after the game over screen.
Space Harrier: title screen
Space Harrier: you can fly all around the screen.
Space Harrier: when hit you fall on your back and lose a life.
Space Harrier: the first boss is a caterpillar.
Space Harrier: stage 2 is set in Geeza.
Space Harrier: the flying stone heads move quite quickly.
Space Harrier: carefully navigate through the pillars.
Super Hang On: choose what difficulty level you want.
Super Hang On: you always start off at the back.
Super Hang On: going through the checkpoint extends the time.
Super Hang On: stay on the track or you'll easily get knocked off you bike.
Super Hang On: your speed turns red when you are at maximum speed.
Super Hang On: game over