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Hey there's a Dragon in my pants! MasterMegid (902) 4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.5
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations, special editions and non-story DLC items. 4.6
Overall User Score (12 votes) 4.3

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N’hésitez pas à plonger dans ce grand jeu d’aventure, nostalgiques et nouveaux venus y trouveront leur compte !
RPGamer (Jun, 2004)
For anyone that is a diehard fan of older TRPGs, this is a game that should not be missed, as it brings together the best of what makes an RPG special. For those new to the idea of a TRPG, this is a game that should not be missed, as it brings together a package that is easy to pick up yet not so easy that mastery comes at just one play. With battles taking less time than they did in the original release, portability is also a big bonus, as a battle can be fought anytime, anywhere. Standing the test of time isn't easy, but with its shiny facelift, Shining Force ends up a prized possession in any GameBoy Advance collection.
Retro Archives (Sep 24, 2017)
Quitte à ressortir une licence d'un tiroir, autant en profiter pour lui donner un petit coup de jeune. C'est probablement ce qu'ont dû penser les responsables de chez Sega, et ce remake d'Amusement Vision devrait servir de cas d'école en la matière. Plus beau, plus complet, plus fidèle, plus (re)jouable, plus accessible, plus long (et peut-être également un peu plus facile), Resurrection of the Dark Dragon saura parfaitement contenter les joueurs modernes freinés par la lourdeur de l'interface du jeu original - ou tout simplement par son absence de traduction française. Une version à choisir sans hésiter si jamais vous hésitiez à franchir le pas.
RPGFan (Jun 24, 2004)
Overall, Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is not only an excellent remake, but stands on its own as a wonderful, original title. Amusement Vision did a wonderful job with the conversion, and Atlus has quickly become my second favorite publisher, behind Konami. Titles like this just show how much they care. Shining Force is the game that originally bridged the gap between RPGs and Strategy titles for the console market over a decade ago, so I'd recommend it for fans of either genre. Happy fighting.
Diehard GameFan (May 17, 2004)
It’s a little bit different, but in the end, it’s still the same wonderful incredible game that has created millions of RPG fans around the world. Thank you Amusement Vision for not messing with the original vision or gameplay or really anything at all except adding three new characters that are pretty much not needed or wanted. Thank you THQ for a spot on translation. Please Atlus, please do as good a job. Sure you made Mark in Persona black, and butchered Shining Soul 2. But you’re ATLUS. ATLUS!!! I know you’ll do the US version of this game proud. And every single one of you reading this better damn well go out and buy this game so that Sega let’s AV do Shining Force 2, or so help me god I will eat your pets. Yes. EAT THEM. RAW. And no one wants to see that, do they?
Legendra (Jan 31, 2006)
La série des Shining Force a toujours fait partie des excellents Tactics, là n'est pas le propos. Ce remake du premier épisode a gommé les défauts principaux et permis des ajouts non négligeables. Si vous n'avez pas encore fait cet épisode, préférez celui-ci à l'original, et dans le cas contraire, les modifications sont suffisantes pour justifier de le refaire sans risquer de s'ennuyer... Un excellent RPG.
Cubed3 (Jul 21, 2004)
Who said that classics were not acceptable today? Nintendo has proved that gamers still love retro titles by launching the mightily successful Classic NES range and SEGA proves here that one of the very first ever strategy RPGs can hold its own surprisingly well against the strong competition of Nintendo’s very own Fire Emblem and the heavyweight Final Fantasy Tactics Advance from Square Enix.
90 (UK) (Jun 18, 2004)
Classic franchises are a bit like children in an old country village. (Yes, this is going somewhere). One day there’s an abundance of them, vying for more attention but never getting it - and then the next, they’re gone. Grown up, forgotten, left for the big city. Suddenly, the old country village is in a spot of trouble; without children, it has no future; without them, it will not survive.
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is a great game to start with if you are not familiar with turn based RPGs. You can easily pick at this game for all of the things that are not in it, but when it comes down to it Shining Force is still one of the best in this genre. The game has still aged well so if you have some money sitting around you should pick this game up.
GameSpot (Jul 06, 2004)
It shouldn't come as any surprise that, just like so many other games in the GBA's library, Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is a remake of a game that originally appeared on a 16-bit system back in the early 1990s. What is surprising, however, is that with just a handful of upgrades, Sega and Atlus have taken one of the best strategy role-playing games on the Sega Genesis and have made it into one of the best strategy RPGs on the Game Boy Advance. Those of you who have played Nintendo's Fire Emblem to death will want to check out Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon.
82 (May 05, 2004)
En definitiva, que si bien este juego no va a ser la gran leyenda que era su original, este remake es un buen título al que tienes que jugar. Si no probaste el original no tienes excusa, pues recordemos que este cartucho en MegaDrive nunca salió en Europa; y si lo jugaste pues el argumento lo tendrás olvidado así que nunca está de más refrescar la memoria, porque el resto del juego está tan cambiado como si fuera una secuela. Una joyita.
82 (Jan, 2005)
All in all, Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is a worthy remake of Shining Force, preserving the original game as much as possible but also tackling most of its flaws. It's a perfect way to revisit an old game, and a worthy addition to any RPG collection. Shining Force may not be as complicated or deep as some of the more recent games, but it clearly shows that pure quality isn't negated by a mere decade, and that this series still shines (pun fully intended) to this day.
Gamer 2.0 (Jun 06, 2004)
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is just as memorable as the Genesis classic and holds its own against the many strategy games already available for the GBA. With nice looking visuals and outstanding gameplay, Sega went ahead and added enough depth to the game to call it a handheld sleeper, and if you haven't played the original; this remake is worth picking up. Perhaps we'll see the second game on the GBA, and it is quite possible Sega can remake the underrated, Saturn classic, Shining Force 3 for the handheld as well. Anything is worth a try, and Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is one of those things.
RPG Kingdom (Jul 28, 2004)
Pour résumer, et une fois n'est pas coutume si vous avez lu mes autres test, je vous conseille fortement l'acquisition de ce petit jeu bien sympathique, en espérant que vous aimerez autant que moi.
80 (Feb 12, 2005)
If you've played through Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Tactics Ogre; the decision is a simple one. Resurrection of the Dark Dragon isn't as complex as those games but is just as much fun. Take some time and see where it all began. You won't be sorry.
GameDaily (Jun 17, 2004)
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is a fun tactical role-playing game that really shows the roots of a genre. It's somewhat short as far as titles in the genre go - we clocked in at just less than twenty hours - and that might be a concern to those who don't mind investing more time in such a game. Also, it doesn't have the depth that other titles offer, such as an extensive job system. Don't get us wrong, the game is highly enjoyable and you'll have fun playing it, the problem is seasoned vets might find this trip to the humble beginnings of their favored genre a less than stellar outing.
All in all a very quality title and a great companion for your GBA. All the important stuff has been kept from the previous version, and there are lots of nice enchancements. Well worth a look for anyone who has enjoyed Final Fantasy Tactics Advance or Fire Emblem.
RPGFan (Feb 28, 2007)
If you avoided Sega as a younger gamer and thus missed your shot at Shining Force, now's your chance. If you've already played and beaten Shining Force, why not give it another go-around? It's still a fun game, and the few additions and improvements will give you a fresh perspective on this classic title. It's certainly not the best Strategy RPG in the world, but it did help to define the genre in its early years, and for that, we must give it props. If you're looking for another classic to add to your handheld collection, be sure to keep this one in mind.
80 (May 03, 2004)
Renaissance d'un des piliers du Tactical-RPG, Shining Force se dévoile à nous aussi passionnant qu'au premier jour, vêtu d'un habit au couleurs lumineuses et à la touche artistique incontestable. Faisant fi de la petite révolution consécutive à sa sortie en Europe, le dernier titre Sega fait montre d'une sincérité vidéoludique participant à la prise au sérieux d'un remake de grande qualité. Les nombreux clins d'oeil aux épisodes Game Gear (Anri) et à toute la mythologie inhérente à la série Shining répondent à l'appel du coeur saignant des fans, et plonge dans un contentement non feint. Prenez un billet pour l'aventure.
Shining Force : Resurrection of the Dark Dragon est un remake globalement réussi, même si sa jaquette est hideuse et cheap. Les visuels ont été refaits avec suffisamment de soin pour que les anciens joueurs soient satisfaits du résultat, et que l'ensemble soit au niveau de la console. Le jeu a gagné en contenu, et respecte toujours les fondements en béton armés du premier Shining Force pour restituer l'expérience de l'époque. Il s'agit au final d'un très bon titre sur GBA, et d'un incontournable pour les fans de la série. Et par dessus tout, il est l'un des fondements majeurs du Tactical-RPG.
GamePlasma (Jun 26, 2004)
With the recent release of the Classic NES series from Nintendo to the GBA, it’s no wonder Sega would also want to cash in on some classic franchises. Well, released this month was a resurrection of the classic Shining Force series from the Genesis in Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon. The original was one of the first RPGs to introduce turn-based combat into an RPG, but with new TBS games like Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on the GBA’s roster, will this classic be able to tread the water?
Netjak (Jun 21, 2004)
For whatever reason, remakes have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. Popularized on the Playstation by Working Designs, the motion toward remaking old games has since spread to every console, with compilations and re-iterations being announced left and right. Even Konami and Nintendo have stepped up to the plate, releasing Alien Wars EX and the Classic NES series, respectively. Now, following THQ's Phantasy Star Collection is Atlus' Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dragon, which, unlike the three Phantasy Star titles, has actually been improved in a few key areas.
GamePro (US) (Jun 07, 2004)
If you love Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and can?t get enough of Fire Emblem, then by all means, check out Shining Force. It?s (mostly) an exact replica of the Sega Genesis cult hit, an extraordinary game that introduced the concept of strategy/RPGs to a large portion of the U.S. console audience. But time passes, things evolve, and that which was once great and glorious doesn?t always shine quite as bright in the present tense.
IGN (Jun 14, 2004)
The recent release of the Classic NES Series has proven that the GBA is not only a great system for portable gaming, but the best (and in most cases, the only) system to play through those golden oldies. Former Genesis fan boys, such as myself, eagerly await the re-release of games from the 16 bit era and our prayers have been answered with the arrival of Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon The game is an updated version of Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention which is remembered fondly as being one of the first console games to fall into the now popular "turn based strategy" category.
76 (Oct 01, 2004)
Mainly a game made for those already in the know, Shining Force: Resurrection Of The Dark Dragon meets any expectation a die-hard fan may have for this re-release. Shining Force fanboys are a demanding lot, and they expect their games to be handled with the utmost care. The developers did just that. They took the defining game of not just this series but the genre itself and gave it a much deserved booster shot. And while there is some dispute over the continuity of the new plot twists versus the original story, they were able to, without gimmicks or hype, face-lift an old treasure and give it a chance for new life. This remake proves that you need not be a Shining Force geek or even an avid game player to find yourself immersed in this simple yet vibrant world. For newbies or even younger siblings this game would be a perfect first RPG, and for veterans a trip down memory lane has never hurt anyone.
While it does have a decent mix of strategy and RPG elements, you can't escape the fact that this is still just a Genesis game with a few minor improvements. With the other turn-based strategy titles available on the GBA, like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Shining Force is really more enjoyable as a piece of nostalgia than a fresh gaming experience.
Bordersdown (Jun, 2004)
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon has been released in Europe a full three months before the Japanese and American versions, making this region's release a considerably worthwhile purchase. Ultimately though, Shining Force is only worth buying for those who like their RPG meals to be served in small helpings and without any fat. Those who are growing tired of the endless pages of stats and infinite battles that are currently in vogue will find a lot to enjoy here.
Leider glänzt auch der Rest von Shining Force nicht unbedingt durch Innovation. Euer blau gewandeter Held begibt sich von Schlacht zu Schlacht und ficht immer und immer wieder gleiche, rundenbasierende Kämpfe gegen die Schergen des Rune-Faust Imperiums aus. Relativ uninteressantes Rollenspiel, wie tausend andere. Und außerdem läuft hier lustige Polka-Mucke als Schlachtmusik.
Gamestyle (Mar 03, 2007)
It is also possible to raise huge amounts of cash and experience simply by replaying each battle ad nauseam. So is a lick of new paint enough to see Shining Force ahead of its competitors? To put it bluntly, no. Shining Force isn't devoid of merit and there is certainly fun to be had here. Hardcore S-RPG fans looking for their next fix will enjoy this title. Also, for those new to the genre, this game offers a suitable introduction for would-be tacticians and adventurers. Ultimately though, Shining Force is too flawed, lightweight and dated. It might be the granddaddy of them all, but on the GBA it fails to deliver anything that hasn't already been done bigger and better somewhere else.
GameSpy (Jun 10, 2004)
Despite my picky complaints, I still really enjoyed my return to Shining Force, and couldn't stop until I got all the way through it. If you have fond memories of its 16-bit roots or want to play for its historical significance, I have no doubt you'll get your money's worth out of Resurrection of the Dark Dragon. If you're a relative n00b on the tactical scene, looking for something to knock your socks off, you'll likely be a tad bit disappointed.