Soccer Kid Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

The Intro Movie
One of the first enemies you encounter
These football stickers are hidden pickups for you to find
These heart pickups replenish your health
Spikes don't kill you instantly but do knock off some health
The Crown Pub this is a common pub name in the U.K.
Hitting the info icons gives you some hints and tips
When the boxing icon appears you can be sure there is trouble on the horizon
The first boss is a Rugby player
The world map
Dodge the rolling barrel
A typical Italian house
Cliche #19 an Italian on a scooter
The second boss is Pavarotti
A disused Russian war machine
Watch out for sledgers
On board a Russian ship
The flames hurt and should be avoided
Another enemy on board the ship is a sailor
Use the chain to swing across the gap
The third boss is a female Russian gymnast
Level 4 sees you inside the Japanese robot factory
A mad scientist who throws flammable bottles at you
Use the lifts to move between floors
Travelling on top of the bullet train
Beware there are moles hiding in the coal
The 4th boss is a sumo wrestler
The last level is in America
A nice beach background