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Spirits & Spells Game Boy Advance Title screen



Spirits & Spells Credits

78 people

Spirits and Spells: A game by Magic Pockets

Technical DirectorÉric Zmiro
Artistic DirectorÉtienne Jacquemain
Lead ProgrammerClément Cordé
Project ManagerPierre Dumas
Graphic ArtistsOlivier Baron, Sébastien Lucas, Ivan Terlecki, Jérôme Lignier
Game DesignDavid Brukarz
Level DesignAlexandre Migeon
Music and SFXGameboyaudio

Published by DreamCatcher

DreamCatcher PresidentRichard Wah Kan
VP, MarketingMarshall Zwicker
Product ManagerByron Gaum
Graphics Department ManagerJames Meecham
Graphic Design and LayoutTrang To, Russell Challenger
PR, Marketing CoordinatorTara Reed

Quality Assurance Testing

Department ManagerMike Adams
Lead TesterMike Mitres, Dan Dawang, Chris Elliott, Aldo Fazzari, Yohany Lee, Nick Mucci

Wanadoo Edition

Editorial and ProductionVincent Berlioz, Édouard Lussan, David Hartley, Jacques Simian, Anne Dévouassoux, Céline Païva
LocalisationAlexandre Lepoureau, Fanny Jacob
TestsDenis Bourdain, Jacques Chatenet, Antoine Voisin, Tommy Chatenet, Julien Malamitsas, Cyril Vocanson, Hugues Miraux, Emmanuel Colombier
MarketingFrédéric Dumas, Florence Baccard, Franck Lalane, Manuela Roch, Jon Bailey, Gonzalo Gil Casares, Krister Malm, Markus Malti, Paolo Gelain
Public RelationsInès Pauly, Tiphaine Locqueneux-Bianchi, Cécile Soulier (VPCom), Stéphanie Bolla (VPCom)
International SalesOlivier Pierre, Marie-Josée Limacher, Alexis Gresoviac, Chizuko Mori, Corinne Lebon, Christelle Chandavoine, Arnaud Doudard, Irène Toporkoff-Mayer, Marie-Christine Vaz
Sales FranceOlivier Bonnafoux, Loic Mastengue, Ghislaine Flerchinger, Boris Christophe, Walter Finck, Cédric Leroy, Stéphane Marlot, Philippe Pierquin, Marie Queiroz, Dominique Sorin, Carol Thévenin
Sales AdministrationCaroline de Villoutreys, Fatiha Baha, Ilse Richard
Manufacturing ManagerRené Tov

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65734)