Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2 Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

One of the Guardian Beasts shown during the Intro. She's half devil, half angel
Title Screen
Choose between a male or female character
Shortly after beginning the game, you'll meet the summon creature that will become your Guardian Beast
You have the choice of which Guardian Beast you will get. Each has different abilities
The devil girl isn't very nice when you meet her
An interesting twist to the devil girl is that she has a good side as well
Every now and then, your master's face will appear before you to make sure you get the point
Your menu hasn't changed since the first game
A look at your equipment shows the 3 weapons you have equipped as well as the 1 item that you can equip
Your Guardian Beast's equipment screen shows the four spells or items that you have equipped. Only the ones that are equipped can be used in battle
Some items you collect can be used to make weapons, others are used to make items (at a store), and others are used for various other things, such as healing and fishing
Your weapons can look very different based on what materials you use to make them
The bestiary lists all monsters you have fought. This is useful when you want a specific material and need to find out what creature drops it
The dungeons all look similar. You can see a save point by the stairs
All battles are in a side scrolling view
Your Guardian Beast can use magic to help you in battle
Boss battles are more difficult than regular battles
Victory over a boss shows a nice Victory banner
The outside areas are all grassy. You can see a teleporter next to your character
Shapestones are used to make different weapons
You craft your weapons with the help of your Guardian Beast