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atari breakout
Written by  :  Ryu (56)
Written on  :  May 04, 2002
Platform  :  Game Boy Advance

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The SNES Classic revived on the GBA - with a few differences

The Good

If you never had the chance to play the original Super Mario World, this is the perfect opportunity to play the SNES classic in the palm of your hand. As the SNES launch title, Super Mario World demonstrated the power of Nintendo's new console, and continued the popular mario franchise. While its release on the Gameboy Advance is not as revolutionary, the graphics are slightly more colorful, and there are a few minor changes in the levels. A nice addition is the ability to play as either Mario or Luigi for any of the worlds, and the score card that tracks your progress and game completion time. The sound and music sound practically as good as the SNES original, and the timeless gameplay is intact. There are a ton of worlds to explore, and the inclusion of the arcade predecessor to Super Mario Bros, Mario Bros, adds to the value of the cartridge, and has had a graphical facelift.

The Bad

While this game is a worthwhile purchase, there are a few drawbacks........

For one thing, I think Nintendo would have done better to have done a complete remake of the game with the same tilesets, as the levels are basically the same as the originals, with a few minor item placement changes.

It would have been nice if they had included a two player swap-mode, so you could play two-player with one console.

The music is not quite up to quality of the original in some maps. Some of the replacement instruments sound phony.

The Bottom Line

A very entertaining platform game for those who missed out on the original. If you played the original, you'll still enjoy this cartridge, but Nintendo could have increased their sales by modifying the maps, or including some new ones. Overall, a must buy. It's a classic platformer in the palm of your hand, what more could you ask?

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