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Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen
Game Introduction
Choose your game
Overworld Map
Inside the Yellow Switch Palace
Big Bullet Bill
Ride 'em Yoshi!
Course Clear
Entering Iggy's Castle
Getting Squished
This little ghosts continue tormenting the Mario's journey.
Magic cape: it gave many powers for Mario. One of them helps him to kill ghosts
In this bug (very funny!), Yoshi spits out Mario's head!!! Really!
In other bug of the game, you can see the large keyhole in a strange place... But only the half!!!
This is the Special Zone. Only the best players can complete this world.
This little bat flies some centimeters above Mario's cap. This passed close, much close!
Rip Van Fish is taking one briefing nap. Don't disturb it and go ahead! It prevents unnecessary persecutions...
After some misfortunes, you find the Star Road: like in 1991...
In GBA version, the colored Yoshis thanks you for a good feeding! You're welcome, then.
Red Blocks for all!
To protect the area of the invaders, the inhabitants create one "strong" battle formation.
Luigi reaches the 1st position in a marathon where, apparently, only fishes participate...
Earning an easy money.
The Super Star Mario in action, smashing some green-shell guys.
Like 14 years ago, these friendly dolphins help Mario to cross the dangerous sea.
The more lives you earn, minor the possibility to take a Game Over!
Top Secret Area: is here where the player finds a place safe to recoup the lost energies.
What a hunger dinosaur, man!
This game includes the classic Nes game: Mario Bros
The total lives you won are displayed
Sunglasses Goomba
In chocolate island, the volcano's lava is really dangerous (but yummy) hot chocolate
The corridor at the end of the forest fortress is full of green mushrooms
Watch out! The angry koopa will kick the shells
The yellow statues will jump
Run, run before the drillers squeeze you
Thanks to the blue blocks, the thwomp above me won't squeeze me
Reznor, the boss of the fortress