Superman: Countdown to Apokolips Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Title screen 2
Main menu
Beginning of the tutorial
X-ray vision shows your objectives
Punching out a thug
Bullets will miss when you're hovering
Flying at top speed
Heat vision
Trying to close the distance without getting shot, which hurts for some reason
You can attack in eight directions
Throwing a car in a tribute to Action Comics #1
Freeze breath
Several comic panels explain the premise
From the intro
Taking on several thugs at once
Rescuing a hostage
The hostages give you words of thanks or encouragement
Throwing one frozen thug at a livelier one
End of level
First boss battle: Superman vs a tank
He must freeze the tank...
...Then throw it
This screen shows how well you did. Stick to punches for a better score.
Second level: On a train
These guys are packing serious heat.