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Still a Great game, but 11 years later, its not the same Scott G (793) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.1
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.7
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.9
Overall User Score (16 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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ToP for the GBA is a chance for players experience all over again an excellent RPG, or for players who missed out on the previous instalments to finally experience the epic RPG themselves. The graphics, music, and replay value are all of exceptional quality. The storyline and battle system will give players excitement like they have never had on the GBA. If there is one RPG that must be played on the Game Boy Advance, it is Tales of Phantasia.
N-Zone (Apr 24, 2006)
Tales of Phantasia ist der perfekte Beweis dafür, dass in Sachen spielerischer Qualität manch angestaubte Werke selbst moderne Spiele in die Tasche stecken. Das Gameplay bietet selbst alten RPG-Hasen viele spielerische Feinheiten. Die Story fesselt vor allem durch ein hohes Maß an Emotionen und Dramaturgie. Lediglich die lange Eingewöhnungsphase könnte etwas abschrecken. RPG-Fans müssen zugreifen.
Ten minutes into Tales of Phantasia, you know pretty much what you’re getting into: a pleasantly involving, perfectly traditional role-playing game that sticks to all the old-school conventions that recall the glory days of hand-drawn adventures. Here, the enjoyable real-time battles continue, along with the slightly annoying restrictions and voices that come along with the presentation.
UOL Jogos (Mar 14, 2006)
Com "Tales of Phantasia" para Game Boy Advance, finalmente os fãs do lado ocidental do globo poderão conferir a tradução oficial do título que originou uma das maiores franquias do RPG na atualidade. Apesar de ter seu charme, os dez anos do game pesam na impressão e a produção americana é mais pobre que a edição japonesa. O título tem atrativos para agradar os fãs de um bom RPG, desde que consigam tolerar os controles característicos, um pouco de dificuldade e a lentidão na progressão do enredo.
GamerDad (Apr 26, 2006)
Violence in battles is the fantasy, cartoony kind. Even though you smack monsters directly with swords, arrows, and spells, enemies only go out in a puff of smoke. However, though the violence in the story isn't depicted graphically, it's a bit more intense than what you might expect. At the beginning of the game, Cress watches his parents and his best friend's little sister die on the spot. Later on when Cress gets locked in a dungeon, he pulls out a sword stuck in one of your future party member's dead relatives. It's definitely not for the younger Pokemon crowd. Also, the storyline features made up gods and goddesses, which may not sit right with families with stricter rules about religion.
Leveling up, combining skills into whirling vortexes of death, and saving the world is till entertaining, though. And especially compare to the (lack of) recent offerings on GBA, this is definitely a solid pickup for history buffs and RPG nerds alike.
RPGFan (Jan 13, 2007)
Tales of Phantasia is, in my opinion, one of the best console RPGs ever, but this version is not very good. The porting is very shoddy in places, and the alterations made for the English localization are awful. Personally, I think the best version of Tales of Phantasia is the Japanese PSOne remake that is only available via import, and even now may be rare due to the PSOne console having long been phased out. If you are a die-hard Tales fan, you've probably imported the Super Famicom original version or better yet, the stellar PSOne remake. I am happy that the game was finally given an official English release (it's about time!), but I feel that it was just a half-hearted token gesture that undermines the greatness of an RPG that truly was (and is) something special. In a nutshell, I could sum up my review in four words: excellent game, subpar port.
GameZone (Apr 11, 2006)
Despite its dated gameplay style and way-too-numerous battles, Tales of Phantasia is an enjoyable role-playing game fans of the genre will certainly enjoy. With beautiful graphics, a deep story and a number of likeable characters, this is a great game to have if you missed out on this game the first time around or are looking for a worthy portable RPG.
1UP (Mar 06, 2006)
For gamers who have been wanting to play Phantasia since they first experienced Tales of Destiny all those years ago, this GBA release will fill in a significant gap in their gaming libraries. Players with less emotional investment in the Tales series probably won't care quite as much, but Phantasia is still worth a look for anyone who simply craves a quality RPG for the GBA.
IGN (Feb 28, 2006)
As a total package, Tales of Phantasia will be completely useless for some gamers and a complete treasure for others. There is no way around the love/hate relationship that Phantasia forces, as it is a true classic RPG. Battles are random and difficult, control is less than perfect, but the story and depth of the characters are amazing. If you’re scouring your current GBA collection looking for another adventure, Tales of Phantasia might be the answer. So how do you know if it’s right for you? Any gamer who enjoyed Sword of Mana despite clunky control, owns Riviera even though it’s slow and tough, or loves Sigma Star Saga despite the random battles should be assured that Tales of Phantasia is right for you.
74 (Apr 09, 2006)
While not spectacular by today's standards, Tales of Phantasia still has charm and an uncommon style of gameplay. If you're a fan of old-school RPGs but not old school battle systems, grab a copy of Tales of Phantasia. Otherwise, there are plenty of flashier, more complicated games for you to try.
Historically speaking, Tales of Phantasia is an important title. When it first released for the Super Famicom, its real-time combat blazed a new trail for RPGs and kicked off the entire Tales series. Unfortunately, being good and being important don’t always go hand in hand, and Tales of Phantasia hobbles through the motions like an ailing old geezer insisting he’s as healthy as he ever was.
GameSpot (Mar 03, 2006)
Pleasant but forgettable music and a good bit of digitized speech accent the game's attractive presentation, which helps make the whole experience more engaging. These superficial aspects of the game have held up quite well, and the underlying action can still be pretty fun, too. Tales of Phantasia is ultimately well suited to fans of similar games who might have missed out on this one in its heyday.
70 (Apr 11, 2006)
Malgré son statut de jeu culte et de légende du RPG, Tales Of Phantasia souffre quelque peu de son portage sur GBA, démontrant au grand jour ses problèmes de rythme et de construction. Offrant des combats intéressants dans le concept mais minés par un côté poussif flagrant, le soft ne peut pas vraiment se rattraper sur la longueur et souffre de cet écueil. Toutefois, de par sa beauté plastique, son aspect épique, et surtout son ambiance incomparable, ce RPG mythique peut se targuer d'attirer les regards sur lui. A vous de choisir si votre âme de vagabond s'avère suffisamment grande.
JeuxActu (Apr 24, 2006)
Avec son rythme de jeu dynamique qui ne triche pas, son design à croquer signé Kosuke Fujishima, et un Motoi Sakuraba à l’identité musicale déjà confirmée, Tales of Phantasia est une pierre de légende au sein de la grande sépulture du RPG, mais dont la moelle n’a pas été retouchée de manière à répondre pleinement aux contingences actuelles. La lourdeur et la lenteur d’un système de combat encore au stade des balbutiements est une erreur qui sera très probablement rédhibitoire.
MAN!AC (May, 2006)
Damals ein Hit, heute nur noch RPG-Kost von der Stange: der Ursprung von Namcos "Tales".
Tales of Phantasia demeure un bon RPG, doté d’un scénario assez classique (mais on a fait pire) et proposant avec une durée de vie assez conséquente, avec tous les petit plus de la série (la possibilité de cuisiner des plats, le système de « titres » des personnages en fonction des gains de levels, etc.).
Gameplanet (Apr 29, 2006)
It's taken ten years for Namco to bring this title to the West, and while it does fit nicely into any RPG fan's game library, it is going to test even their patience. This game is hard, but some may find that a reasonable challenge.
60 (UK) (Apr 20, 2006)
In the cool spring sunlight of 2006, eleven years after it eluded westerners the first time, this is not the best handheld RPG money can buy today. It's not even the Super Nintendo RPG we would have wished to be ported with eyes clenched tight and fingers white from crossing. For fans of the series (and it is the third best-selling RPG series in Japan right now after Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy) this is a chance to see its point of origin and fill in an annoying blank in their collection.
GameSpy (Mar 06, 2006)
After all, most any 16-bit RPG is welcome. What I have issue with is the lack of updating that's been done. Just because Tales is all the rage at the moment doesn't mean you can ignore key elements in this conversion. Look at FF IV Advance: it was a much better game to begin with and received a lot more adaptation in its new portable life. Tales of Phantasia ends up looking like a fossil -- and not one of the cool ones with spikes and sharp teeth. More like a fern or insect, existing mostly to study the past and gauge evolution. RPGs have evolved far beyond this port.