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Taxi 3 Credits (Game Boy Advance)

Taxi 3 Game Boy Advance Title screen.


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Taxi 3 Credits

Taxi 3: Visual Impact Productions

Direction Technique (Technical Direction)Claude Verstraeten
Direction Artistique (Art Direction)Jean-Chrysostome Lepercque
Programmation (Programming)Claude Verstraeten, Romaric de Perier, Cedric Lecacheur, Marc Heng, Nicolas Sevez
Graphisme (Graphics)Jean-Chrysostome Lepercque, Martin Schuchewytsch, François Cao, Christian Schmidt, Pascal Le Guinio
Game DesignJean-Chrysostome Lepercque, David Juhens
QADavid Juhens
SupportEric Galand, Julien Robin, Stephane Navarro

Ubi Soft: 3rd Party Project Management

EMEA Director of DevelopmentAnne Blondel-Jouin
Senior ProducerValérie Radelet
Executive ProducerThomas Le Grand
Game Content ManagerMarc Blondeau


Worldwide Tests ManagerÉric Tremblay
Lead TesterCostel Apopii
TestersAdrian Constantin Solca, Bogdan Radusi, Mihai Banica

Publisher: Ubi Soft Entertainment

CEOYves Guillemot
International Production DirectorChristine Burgess-Quémard
International Director of DevelopmentAlexis Godard
International Content DirectorSerge Hascoët
International Content ManagerFabrice Pierre-Élien


European Marketing DirectorLaurence Buisson-Nollent
Brand Group ManagerIgor Manceau
Senior Product ManagerSylvaine Gomez
Product ManagerClémence de Bailliencourt
Special ThanksSandra Cohen, Kris Van Lier, Laurent Pétin, Président d'ARP Selection

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65810)