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Tekken Advance Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Main menu
Options menu
Fighter selection
VS screen
Yoshimitsu's sword attack in Gun Jack was a success: the blood spitted out proves it!
Demonstration mode: the tiger-man King punches Jin, that assumes quickly the guard position.
In position
Jin's Lightning Uppercut to Heihachi
Paul preparing a Burning Fist attack to Jin who's crouching.
Paul fighting Hwoarang.
Xiaoyu hitting Paul.
Xiaoyu kicking Yoshimitsu.
Nina in her alternate costume ready to kick Yoshimitsu.
Nina vs King screen
Nina delivering a series of punches to Xiaoyu.
Hwoarang fighting King.
Hwoarang beating Law.
Law's somersault
Yoshimitsu vs Gunjack
Yoshimitsu in Indian Stance healing himself.
King charging to Gunjack.
I bet Jin didn't like this.
Tag battle mode, you can control a team of three characters in this mode, like Tekken TAG Tournament