The Three Stooges Credits

Cinemaware, Inc.

ProducerZak McClendon
Executive ProducerLars Fuhrken-Batista
Special ThanksJohn Chowanec, Morgan Whitney Gray, Sean Vesce, Tavi Benjamin (Comedy 3 Entertainment), Ken Abrams (Global Icons), Anna Steiner (Global Icons), Margie Harder (Columbia Pictures), Columbia Pictures

Metro3D, Inc.

producersBaldwin Yen, Mat Kuwitzky
SalesJoseph Morici, Mat Kuwitzky
MarketingJoseph Morici, Mat Kuwitzky
OperationsEva Chiu, Laura Lee
BusinessSteve Lin, Giancarlo Cappozzoli, Joey Hu, Winnie Lo, Kim Chang, Jeff Hofmann

Crawfish Interactive

ProgrammerMark Crane
Graphics Re‑Mastered bybad‑studios
Music & SFXRockett Music
ProducerJames Brown
Director of DevelopmentMichael Merren
Technical ManagerColin Kendrick
Development AssistantTim Coode, William Greenough, David Murphy, Jonathan Shearn
Special ThanksCameron Sheppard, Lynne Bradstock
Extra Special ThanksDonna Thomson, Leslie Thomson, Bobby Thomson, Jamie Brown, Ringo Bells-Middleton, R. Budgie, Adrian Brown

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65826)