TMNT Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
You have three game slots, in case you want to share this game with a friend.
There are several stages to play, but you have to unlock them first.
The game tells its story via cutscenes such as this one.
The cutscenes feature snapshots straight out of the TMNT movie!
Your turtle poses dramatically before the level begins.
These street bums are the most common enemies for the first half of the game.
Some of them throw rocks and other things at you, though!
Gratuitous destruction of city property? We've got it!
This guy can block most of your attacks without breaking a sweat.
Watch out for that subway!
Ooh... street thug pizza.
Score multiple hits in a short period of time and you'll get bonus points!
Kids these days don't care where they use their bikes!
Once you clear a level, you'll see how well you did and earn some much-needed experience points!
Training in the turtle lair
Rooftop showdown with foot ninjas
13 Monsters on the loose
Something big is going on
Subway danger
Juggling some thugs
That's got to hurt
Cleaning up the retro diner