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IGN (Apr 09, 2002)
On a final note, the game comes with a small poster advertising Ghost Recon on the GBA. Since the levels in that game are much more open than those in Rogue Spear, it'll be interesting to see how Ubi Soft handles the translation. Hopefully they'll approach the project with the same originality and faithfulness apparent in Rogue Spear.
80 (UK) (Apr 07, 2002)
Rogue Spear is a first for portable gaming - an engaging tactical shooter with a real sense of tension. It's a superb addition to the series, and although it can occasionally be more difficult than enjoyably challenging, you'll still get a great deal of play out of it.
GameSpy (Apr 22, 2002)
Rogue Spear's presentation is high-end stuff, with some great, crisp sound, be it verbal commands from the current leader of your squad ("Everybody form on me!" or "Defend this spot!"), or the responses of enemy soldiers and rescued hostages. It's the best in-game speech the GBA has seen so far.
Talk about an ambitious release – bringing a team-based, strategy-heavy shooter to GBA. For the most part, this lofty project hit pay-dirt. The main problem I have is with the multi-button pressing commands, which made me unintentionally cap a lot of hostages and commit other errors. They require a lot of memorization, as well. The strategy aspects are great, as is the audio. Rogue Spear’s amped difficulty will keep you plugging away for hours. If you want reconnaissance thrills on the go, scope it out.
75 (Mar 25, 2002)
Cette adaptation de Rogue Spear sur Gameboy Advance est une réussite en bien des points. On s’amuse beaucoup jusqu’à la fin. Je ne peux que vous le conseiller, vous ne serez pas déçus !
Game Over Online (Apr 17, 2002)
This is undeniably a decent game for the GBA. Whether it has a lot to do with the Rogue Spear franchise is another question altogether. It is of my personal opinion, however, the current perspective is somewhat constraining and does not faithfully convey a CQB experience. It is poignant to remember that on the PC, Rogue Spear is considered a tactical first person shooter. The last three words of that genre are particularly important to immersion. As such, the end result is a game that is less puzzle-like than Commandos and more action-like than the roots of which this game originated from.
Advance (2002)
Hast du dich erst mal an die tief greifenden Änderungen gewöhnt, bekommst du ein ordentliches Actionspiel mit realistischem Hintergrund geboten. Die Level sind gut designt, die Grafik ist recht ordentlich und der Sound ist klasse. Zu guter Letzt gibt es noch einen Multiplayer-Modus für vier Spieler, der aber mehrere Module voraussetzt.
GameSpot (Apr 01, 2002)
In all, Rogue Spear is a pretty robust GBA game--one that will likely take up a good deal of your time if you allow it to. It's quite faithful to its source material--right down to your squad members' voice samples--and it more than manages to re-create the experience of its PC forefather, albeit in a more abstracted form.