Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Credits

Midway Home Entertainment Inc.

Executive ProducerMichael Gottlieb
Associate ProducerEdward Tucker
Assistant ProducerWeston Boucher
Technical DirectorEric Hart
VP of MarketingHelene Sheeler
Director of Entertainment MarketingLawrence Smith
Product ManagerPatrick Dillon
Testing ManagerRobert Sablan
Testing SupervisorJohn Ubalde
Lead TesterRyan A. Castiglia
TestersJustin Wood, Saleem Crawford, Ryan Satrappe, Gilbert Sandejas, Phil Gorney
Technical Standards AnalystAdrian CastaƱeda

Virtucraft Ltd.

Executive ProducersBrian Beuken, Diane Hill
Virtucraft ProductionBrian Beuken, Kevin Norburn
ProgrammingPaul Windett, Travis Walton, Paul Flint, David May, Dominic Collins
Additional CodingTony Stockton, Brian Beuken
GraphicsDarren Donohoe, Marcus Stringer, Lee Cawley, Chunkit Cheung
SoundManfred Linzner
Special ThanksKathryn Bethell, Danielle Beuken, Beth Wright, The coffee maker, The new coffee maker

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65852)