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The worst fighting game ever, on any platform. Avoid at all costs. Spartan_234 (460) 0.4 Stars0.4 Stars0.4 Stars0.4 Stars0.4 Stars
Proves yet again that SNES games can't perfectly translate to GBA ThE oNe (184) 3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.4
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 2.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 2.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 2.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 2.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Overall User Score (17 votes) 2.6

Critic Reviews

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Gamezilla (Jan 14, 2002)
Ten years have past and the controversial series has made its way to the Game Boy Advance. Tagged with the Mature moniker, Midway’s Mortal Kombat Advance for the GBA is a faithful port of the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 version. But is it for everyone? If you loved the Mortal Kombat movies, then you will cherish this game. If you loved the Mortal Kombat games and need that Fatality fix, you will enjoy the GBA version. If you cannot place yourself in either category, please move along. Overall, the controls are great, the graphics are poor and the sound effects are excellent. For the diehards, habits die hard. For the non-Kombatants, thank you for reading and please move along.
Consoles Plus (Mar, 2002)
Par rapport aux versions Super Nintendo et Megadrive, le jeu n'a pas changé. Il a donc pas mal vieilli. Les mouvements sont trop rigides. Les seul vrai point positif de cette cartouche c'est que toutes les fatalités ont été conservées. Encore faut-il connaître la manipulation pour les sortir.
GameZone (Jan 07, 2002)
There were a ton of great games ported to the Game Boy Advance last year. From Klonoa and Castlevania, to Street Fighter and Tony Hawk 2, the Game Boy Advance was the only system other than PlayStation 2 that offered games from almost every major developer. Shortly before Santa brought us our gifts and made everyone smile, Midway shipped one last game that would surely be stuffed in more than a few thousand stockings -- Mortal Kombat Advance.
Game Chronicles (Feb 20, 2002)
I’m not sure who dropped the ball on this one. Either Midway forced Virtucraft to push this title out the door in time for the Christmas shopping season, or perhaps Virtucraft simply isn’t capable of programming for the GBA. Everything was there, in place, to make a potentially great game. Mortal Kombat Advance is a textbook example of how to take a proven successful franchise and destroy it with a single poor release.
The ESRB Mature rating will tell you there's blood. The screenshot will tell you it looks good on Game Boy Advance. However, it takes yours truly to tell you that Mortal Kombat plays like butt on the GBA. All the fighters, fatalities, and arcade accuracy in graphics and sound won't make up for the krummy kontrols. Timing is way off. Leg sweeps, one of the game's best strikes, are too hard to pull off, as are many special moves. MK Advance may look GBA, but it plays GBC, and that's the killer.
55 (Feb 28, 2002)
En raison de sa durée de vie un peu faiblarde et de sa réalisation peu engageante, Mortal Kombat ne peut en aucun cas perturber la suprématie de Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival. Seuls les fans y trouveront un réel intérêt. Les autres se tourneront plus volontiers vers le titre de Capcom, bien plus fun !
Press Play On Tape (Feb 12, 2021)
Al met was is MK Advance waar ik destijds op had gehoopt. Ik had liever gehad dan Midway iets creatiever was geweest, en een compleet nieuw spel uit de hoge hoed had getoverd. Toch is dit spel voor enkelen met heimwee naar de goeie ouwe tijd nog wel te doen. Omdat ik MK fan ben deed ik destijds extra mijn best deze versie leuk te vinden, maar als ik eerlijk ben vond ik MK2 op de Mega Drive veel leuker. Voor de Advance verzamelaar die graag de betere titels van dit systeem wil sparen, bezint er gij begint! Vergelijk deze titel bijvoorbeeld met Street Fighter II of Tekken Advance, en maak dan je keuze.
Mal dépoussiéré, mal programmé et mal pensé, Mortal Kombat Advance n’a décidément pas grand-chose pour lui. A part peut-être son mode deux joueurs ? A noter que c’est le deuxième et dernier mode de jeu... Il y a des Fatalities qui se perdent !
AceGamez (Jul 19, 2002)
The Game Boy Advance is home to a great number of ports and/or updates, which in my experience seems to frustrate a lot of gamers. It's fine by me though, provided the games are good and still worth playing. Why then did Midway bother to release this highly disappointing 'effort' (I say that in the lowest sense of the word)? Let's find out...
GameSpy (Jan 28, 2002)
Mortal Kombat Advance (MKA)… what do you say when one of the most popular fighting game franchises of all time comes to the newest handheld platform? Well, most likely you have your own opinions, but even if you take a look at the game based on its own merits rather than the past history of the series, and you take into consideration that it's on the GBA, then you come up with a game that's still mediocre at best.
Einigermaßen erträglich ist nur der Sound, speziell die Sprachausgabe. Außer Liu Kang, denn der klingt als hätte man ihm irgendwas abgeschnitten. Der Rest ist für die Tonne. Die Grafik kann man eventuell so gerade noch durchgehen lassen, die Prügel-Engine ist aber die mieseste, die es überhaupt gibt. Die Krönung ist die äußerst mysteriöse KI: Entweder ist der CPU-Gegner ein Vollidiot oder absolut unbesiegbar. Da macht es dann auch keinen Spaß mehr, irgendwelche Fatalities auszuführen (‘Boah, voll den Kopp abgerissen, ey!). Und überhaupt – MK ohne Rayden, das geht nicht!
Game Over Online (Mar 28, 2002)
Mortal Kombat Advance is a case of failed execution. It looks and sounds like Mortal Kombat, but it doesn’t play like Mortal Kombat. The horrible AI and wonky controls result in extremely stiff gameplay. The bottom line: this is one fight you’ll want to avoid.
GameSpot (Jan 18, 2002)
Nintendo's Game Boy Advance has been an extremely fertile breeding ground for remakes of popular games from the past. As the remakes begin to pile up, more and more companies are getting on the rerelease train, hoping to cash in on their back catalog of products. Midway has already released a collection of old arcade games for the system, and now the company has released a version of Mortal Kombat for the GBA. The resulting product looks and sounds OK, but the gameplay is so astoundingly awful that even the most die-hard MK fan should stay far, far away.
Electric Playground (Apr 30, 2004)
Life is a game. Death... that's just a matter of hitting the right button and joystick combination at the right time. Ever since Scorpion first raised the hood to reveal he and Skeletor shared the same deadbeat dad, Mortal Kombat players have operated under this rule. Nowadays, though, they've also had to accept another given fact--each new series installment blows more chunks than the last, if that's humanly possible. Apparently so, as the first Game Boy Advance incarnation proves. Yes, folks, it isn't merely "asstastic," but a complete embarrassment as well. Call the lackluster AI and lousy control system disappointing if you will; we experts prefer to think of them merely as Shao Khan's latest evil handiwork. And, if Midway has any dignity left, they'll adopt that stance in public too.
Planet GameCube (Mar 08, 2002)
From the bloodless SNES port of the original Mortal Kombat to the excellent N64 port of Mortal Kombat 4 by Eurocom, the series has been played on almost every console available. Unfortunately, not every port has been so successful. The latest version of Mortal Kombat comes to the Game Boy Advance, courtesy of Midway. Regrettably, their effort with this port of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 falls into the latter category.
Gaming Target (Apr 29, 2002)
Mortal Kombat Advance is full of problems, the biggest one being its core gameplay. Getting past this issue in an effort to enjoy this game seems impossible, much like getting past each of the opponents on Grand Master. Despite having more than 20 characters from the Mortal Kombat series, none of them do the trick in shelling out the fun factor. It must be said that this Kombat doesn’t even Kome Klose.
IGN (Jan 10, 2002)
If you're a game developer, and you've been assigned the task of porting an established brand to a very capable system, here's a rule of thumb: get it right. Believe me, if the game is a popular one, gamers are going to notice when something's not pulled off exactly as it had been in previous incarnations. But when you get it completely wrong, there's going to be trouble. And brother, Mortal Kombat Advance is definitely the worst port of the series performed on capable system hardware. If there was ever a game that just screamed "rush job," it's this fighter published by Midway. It's absolutely embarrassing to see just how botched MK is on the handheld.
Yes, MK Advance is that horrible. A lot of bad fighting games are out there; I can say without hyperbole that this one is a million times worse than all of them put together. If a circus train wreck was ever more accurately embodied in digital format, I haven't seen it. MK games have always been hit or miss (mostly misses since MKII), but this is ridiculous. Buggy, unbalanced gameplay, spastic computer opponents (who go comatose on lower difficulty levels), slowdown - you name it, it sucks. And where are the secrets and gore we all know and love? Why didn't they just port an old Super Nintendo MK? If you bought it, return it. Now.