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720º Credits

Team 720° Game Boy

ProducerTroy Sheets
Technical DirectorJeff Vavasour
Special ThanksAndrew Ayre, William S. Schmitt (William Schmitt)
Project ManagerBrett Bibby
Lead ProgrammerBrett Bibby
ProgrammersYau Hock Sam, Mike Avery, Kevin Choong
Tools ProgrammerEugene Ng
MusicKevin Choong
GraphicsIan Ng Siong Yoong, Derrick Wong
Player AnimationJohaness Reuben (Johaness RJ)
ArtistAziz Salim (credited in the US manual)
Additional SupportC. L. Wong, Randy Gocke

Midway Team 720° Game Boy

ProducerBrian Lowe
Associate ProducerZach Wood
Assistant ProducerJason Shigenaka
Technical DirectorSam Calis
Print Design & ProductionJon Mongelluzzo, Chris Mowry, Erin Shems, Chris Vine
Test ManagerRobert Sablan (Rob Sablan)
Lead TesterSunny T. Chu
TestersRyan A. Castiglia (Ryan Castiglia), Tony Dormanesh, Edgar Perez, Ricky M. Waibel (Rick Waibel)
International CoordinationKaren Shillcock, Kimberley Tilley
Special ThanksDeborah K. Fulton, Debra Austin

Atari Games Original Arcade Team

Software/Game DesignJohn Salwitz
Playfield/Game DesignDave Ralston
SoftwarePaul Kwinn
Technical AssistanceRob Rowe
AnimationSam Comstock, Will Noble, Mark West
AudioBrad Fuller
MusicHal Canon, Earl Vickers
Control DesignJack Aknin
Game DesignMilt Loper
Cabinet DesignMike Jang
With invaluable support fromDave Cook, Jess Melchor, Russell Dawe, Gary Stempler, Dennis Harper
Special Thanks toAndy Berendsen (Skating Consultant)

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (192929) and MusicFox (2751)