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Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare Credits

50 people

Developed by Pocket Studios

ProducerSteve Iles
Lead ProgrammerRichard Brough
Game Engine DesignRichard Brough
Front EndRay Jakes
Lead ArtistSimon Sheridan
GraphicsWorm, Joe Cartwright, Robert David Swan (as Robert Swan)
Hicolor Background ConversionSteve Iles, Simon Sheridan
Background & Character GraphicsDarkworks
ScreenplayDaniel Marchant (as Dan Marchant), Robert David Swan (as Robert Swan)
Game Design CGBDaniel Marchant (as Dan Marchant), Simon Sheridan, Steve Iles
Puzzle ScriptingDaniel Marchant (as Dan Marchant), Dominic Berzins
Collision MappingDominic Berzins
Audio DriversMusyx Audio Tools Licensed by Factor 5
Music & Sound EffectsRockett Music

Combat Sub-Game

Concept and DesignSteve Iles
ProgrammingIan C. Fayers, Chris Fayers (Infinite Dreams Software)
GraphicsWorm, Simon Sheridan, Robert David Swan (as Robert Swan)
Map DesignSteve Iles, Simon Sheridan

For Infogrames

I-Motion VPOlivier Goulay
Production DirectorEric Labelle
Production Manager EuropeStéphane Bonazza
ProducerSébastien Brison
MarketingLarry Sparks, Monique Crusot
Product ManagersGuillaume Rosier, Mathieu Brossette
Business AffairsLaurence Dufour, Tony Duret
LegalNelly Jacquin, Caroline Brunel
Design StudioPatrick Chouzenoux, Michel Mégoz
LocalisationSylviane Pivot-Chossat (as Sylviane Pivot), Beate Vigliano-Reiter (as Beate Reiter)
Public RelationsLynn Daniel
QA ManagerOlivier Robin
QA Test SupervisorDominique Morel
QA Test Co-OrdinatorEmmanuel Cholley
QA Tests Team LeaderJean-Yves Lapasset
QA TestersÉric Meignier, Jérôme Jeangirard
Console Debugging SupervisorStéphane Pradier
Console Debugging Co-OrdinatorJohann Boeve (as Johan Boeve)
Console Debugging Team LeadersStéphane Charrier, Merche Sanchez Garcia (as Merche Sanchez)
Debugging TestersDavid Calvet, Sébastien Aprikian, Marc Laurent, Emmanuel Artur (as Emmanuel Altur), Cécilia Jard, Eugenia Veronese, Ina Wierstra, Laura Erena Vicente, Christopher Evans

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76324) and Dan Marchant (19)