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Neon Software (now Keen Games) website - Game Boy Color:
    Overview: Simply put, you have a choice of two Armorines you can play as, each with their own selection of weapons. It's a fight to the death against bugs of all sizes as you battle to stop the enemy from eliminating human civilization as we know it (in the not too distant future, of course).

    Forced into a high-tech battle suit you have to complete six missions against alien insects which you can defeat using four upgradeable weapons and a smart bomb. You have to find code cards, bomb oil rigs and repair elevators.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on Jun 18, 2008.

Acclaim Product Catalog 1999 - Game Boy Color:
    • Human Domination or Bug Infestation?
      The Choice is Yours.
      You're an Armorine.
      You're wearing the latest in futuristic battle-armour and armed with a devastating arsenal.

    MRRP £24.99
    Release Date: Nov 1999

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Dec 20, 2005.