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Barbie: Pet Rescue Credits

54 people (19 developers, 35 thanks)


ProducerVance Huskins
Executive ProducerPatricia C. Masai
Vice PresidentJeff Goodwin
Design & DevelopmentJeff Goodwin
Sr. Vice President (Entertainment Division)Amy Smith-Boylan
General Manager (Entertainment Division)Amy Smith-Boylan
QA Test LeadNancy Duarte
QA Test TeamJonathan Petersen, Sergio Terrazas, Danyelle Duncan, Christopher Parker, Igor Serebryany, Laurie Tom
WW Director of Quality AssuranceRay Boylan
Sr. Product ManagerDebbie Caton
Assistant Product ManagerGinger Martinez
Director, MarketingLauren Berzins
Marketing CordinatorKate Lonker
Vice President, SalesSusan Hughes-Taigen
Sr Mgr Business and Legal AffairsCynthia Berry Meyer
Special ThanksJanice Adyani, Jim Balthaser, John Begly, Bob Bryant, Melanie Bullock, Clara Castro, Dyan Daglas, Toni DeBerry, Don DeLucia, Amanda Edwards, Steve Feicht, Adrian Fernandez, Craig Forrest, Darlene Geithner, David Gordon, Dawn Gottula, Cheryl E. Hager, Roger Hu, Cheryl Kellough, Karen Kelly, Ezelle Kendrick, Daniel Kwan, Michele McShane, Wendy Park, Oany Revalo, Shaun Rowan, Maryhelen Sandoval, Michelle Smith, Tracey Smith, Julie Takata, Cathy A. Takemura, Tuan Trinh, Marie Whallon, Kenny B. Bender, Sammy the Wonder Beagle
DevelopedHotGen Studios Limited
DesignedHotGen Studios Limited
ProducedHotGen Studios Limited

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Credits for this game were contributed by DreinIX (10660)