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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.6
Overall User Score (17 votes) 2.5

Critic Reviews

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80 (UK) (Jun 30, 2001)
The gameplay might be decidely old school, but the combination of imaginative characters, colourful backdrops and pogo hopping action makes Commander Keen a lot of fun for both younger gamers and those of us old enough to remember the originals. And to make sure it caters for everyone, there is a choice of three difficulty settings which alter the speed at which your enemies move as well as how frequently you will earn new lives and continues.
Gaming Target (Jul 31, 2001)
A game’s graphics, sound and even the story could be the best in comparison to every other title out there, if there’s a lack of creativity and entertainment, the game is going to do poorly received in the gaming market. This simply is the case for Commander Keen. With such a dull game experience, just covered in solid graphics and inviting audio, I’m disappointed. Little additional improvements, Commander Keen could become a much more exciting title on Game Boy Color, and an instant classic. Instead, we’ve had to settle with a port of a classic from ten years ago.
GameSpot (Jun 12, 2001)
Not just an acquired taste, Commander Keen was always better suited to a platform where instant save games could make up for its frantic gameplay and cranked difficulty. Fans of the original or those seeking something much more in-depth than the Mario series will no doubt love the Game Boy Color version. However, if you're the easy-going sort, you'll be better off looking elsewhere.
Power Unlimited (Aug, 2001)
Het blijft echter de vraag of jongeren zwaar onder de indruk zullen zijn van de wat oubollige gameplay van Commander Keen of dat de game uit nostalgische overwegingen meer zal aanslaan bij oude fans van de PC titel. Echter, voor hen is Commander Keen vermoedelijk een beetje te kinderachtig.
Leider ist Commander Keen etwas schwer geraten, selbst im niedrigen Schwierigkeitsgrad. Trotzdem: eine recht gelungene Umsetzung des Klassikers.
IGN (Jul 06, 2001)
While Commander Keen was a fun game for its time, it certainly has shown its signs of aging. Many people will purchase this game for its nostalgic feel, while others will buy it in their quest to find another good platform game. Neither would be totally correct. Ideally, Commander Keen is a sound title, but when you line it up against more current titles it tends to fall a bit in comparison. Interestingly enough, tough, even when given its shortcomings, it seems apparent to me that Commander Keen was meant more for console gamers, though the GBC incarnation is a bit rough around the edges.
Jag började själv gäspa efter fem minuter, och det var jag inte ensam om. Tre av mina vänner kom med liknande omdömen efter att ha testat spelet, och detta till trots att de gillar spelen i serien till PC. Kan det vara så att tiden har hunnit ifatt den gode Commander Keen? Det här är i alla fall inte ett spel jag skulle betala pengar för, och jag råder alla utom de mest sjukligt fanatiska fansen att följa mitt råd.