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Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue Credits

95 people (67 developers, 28 thanks)

Digital Eclipse

Lead ProgrammerMark Fitt
Assistant Art DirectorDean Lee
ArtistsArvin Bautista (Biggedy Bautz), Boyd Burggrabe (Invisible Monkey), Eric Calande, Ronnie Fike, Kevin James, Daniel Schallock
MusicAllister Brimble
Sound EffectsAllister Brimble
Mini-Games ProgrammingAdam Rippon
ProductionWilliam Baffy, William S. Schmitt, Daniel Young
Executive ProducerAndrew Ayre
TilekillerDaniel Filner
Special ThanksFreya Shephard, Alice Adams, Buck Bauer, Molly Pettit, Lourdes Schallock, Vickie, Zander James, Mom and Dad Bautista, Michael Mika Sr., Kolrabi Productions, Demiforce, Gainsburgers

Crystal Dynamics

Executive ProducerSam Player
ProducerAlex Ness
Assistant ProducerDavid Rhea
Test ManagerBilly Mitchell
Lead TesterDavid Rhea
TestersPaul Cazarez, Christopher Bruno, Vanilla

Eidos Interactive

Marketing DirectorChip Blundell
Product ManagerRenee Pletka
Public RelationsGreg Rizzer, Lars Bakken
Instruction ManualHanshaw Ink and Image
Special ThanksThe Entire Eidos Team, Moore Design Group

Disney Interactive

ProducerLuigi Priore
Assistant ProducerKeith Hargrove
Director of Production, Console GamesDan Winters
Senior ArtistsTom Barlow
Additional ArtJason Chayes
Director, MarketingJean-Luc Satin
Assistant Manager, Marketing ServicesNina Harju
Localization Manager, EuropeCatherine Duperron
Production Supervisor, LocalizationKate Farmer
Associate Producer, LocalizationTicket Carson
Special ThanksWilliam Beaman (Chip), Patrick Larkin, Tamira Webster, Debbie Neveu, Maggie Brewis, The Disney Interactive Console Game Group


ProducerBrian Clarke
Executive ProducerMurali Tegulapalle
Senior VP StudiosStephen Crane
Exec. VP Worldwide StudiosLawrence Goldberg
VP of MarketingTricia Bertero
Director of MarketingMelissa Chapman
Sr. Manager Corporate CommunicationsMichelle Schroder
LegalGeorge Rose, Michael Hand, Gregory Deutsch
QA Manager, Console DivisionJoseph Favazza
Sr. Project LeadBenjamin DeGuzman
Project LeadBlaine Christine
TestersMatthew Carpenter, Ken Tsang
Customer Support ManagerBob McPherson
Customer Support LeadsRob Lim, Gary Bolduc, Michael Hill
PackagingMenotti Creative Services
Special ThanksJim Summers, Jason Wong, Eric Zala, Sam Nouriani, Tanya Langston, Nicholas Favazza, Margarita Umil, Eva Gauthier

Activision UK

Senior VP European PublishingScott Dodkins
Group Marketing Manager Lucas/Fox/LionheadSarah Ewing
Disney Brand Manager Affiliate GroupKaty Moxham
Localisation ManagerNathalie Ranson
Localisation SupervisorsTamsin Lucas
Localisation AssistantsMark Nutt, Simon Dawes
Creative Services ManagerJackie Whale
Creative Services ArtworkersAlex Wylde, David Ashton

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Credits for this game were contributed by PolloDiablo (16876), Jeanne (76328) and Corn Popper (69071)