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Written by  :  Una Manzana (6)
Written on  :  Feb 15, 2005
Platform  :  Game Boy Color
Rating  :  3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars

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About as much fun as can be had with a five-year old hand-held machine

The Good

The GTA series has always aimed to offer total freedom, and GTA 2 continues this perfectly. You can wonder around anywhere in the city, killing civilians, hijacking cars... The guns and cars are some of the best points of this game. There may not be many more than twenty weapons to use, but they are all a good laugh to use. The cars are equally as good, and it is good to experiment with different types of car since some handle better than others. The music which you listen to when you enter the car - presumably to simulate a radio - is good. The controls are simple to use (if positioned in odd places such as Select to get in/out of cars) and the cities you play in are gigantic. It's not just killing which is fun, either. Just simply nabbing a car and seeing how well I can drive it is enough to keep me enthralled.

The Bad

The view of the game is slightly irritating. It's top-down, meaning that you can only see your head and everbody else's head. Driving - while on the whole good - can be slightly difficult to control at times. The AI is alright; when you fire a gun people will run away from you and the driving of the AI is alright, but the rest of the time it is just stupid. The coppers will try and catch you by walking up to you, but they just walk into anything in between you and them. The same applies for cops trying to get to you in their cars and people trying to shoot you. Also, there is no save function, and I cannot work out the password system. Therefore, I have not been able to advance any further than the first city.

The Bottom Line

Despite its many major flaws, GTA 2 is still a great laugh to play. These flaws might be profoundly irritating, but at least the core principal of the game - the freedom - remains unscathed.