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Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! Game Boy Color Main Menu


Written by  :  Iris-chan (72)
Written on  :  Jan 02, 2003
Rating  :  4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
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Make Friends for Life... then pee on them!

The Good

From manga to anime to your GameBoy Color, it's Hamtaro: HamHams Unite! It's your job to go out and bring all the HamHams back to the clubhouse, but to do so, you've gotta become the streetwise hipster and learn 86 HamChat words. It's a hefty challenge, but you're up for it, right?

Hamtaro: HamHams Unite overall is a fun game, offering a decent challenge that'll give you hours of gameplay. There is hardly any learning curve, and all you've got to do is know what to say. Fortunately, there is easy access to your HamChat notebook within the game, so get out there and find your friends!

For being a GBC game, the graphics are very clear and sharp, accompanied by a myriad of animation- a different animation for each HamChat word (86 DIFFERENT animations altogether on the HamChats alone!) And yes, you CAN see the difference between Boss and Penelope for all you smart alecs reading out there. Don't worry, you won't confuse Jingle for grass or Cappy for a trash can, these graphics are REALLY sharp.

Most of the tunes are cute and catchy, although some tunes are "multi-purpose". However, some of the HamHams like Jingle have their own song (Why, you ask?Because Jingle is COOL, that's why! ^_^) And the sound effects fit nicely, no ear piercing screeches to worry about!

And then... the interaction! There's something to say to each HamHam. You can flirt with the girls, blackmail other hamsters, and get Dexter and Howdy to stop bickering (for a minute). And then you can pee on Maxwell...

Seriously! It's entertaining, too!

If you get bored of toilet humor, there's some minigames to keep you busy! You can play Tack-Q (rolling) bowling, gamble at the DigDig Shop, or play dress up (no worries, Hamtaro won't pull a Danny LeRue on us!) And of course, customizing and trading HamJams will keep you playing! ^_^

The Bad

Once in a while, some tunes aren't as catchy as others, but then again, that's not so bad... right?

The Bottom Line

So if you're a huge Hamtaro freak with a GBC or GBA, and you don't have this game, go get it! You won't be dissatisfied... unless you want to think of Hamtaro as a brainless, baby show.

And remember, Hamtaro's the streetwise hipster now! Do anything you can to get the other HamHams back, even if it means doing something drastic...