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Want to know what the Japanese names of the Ham-Hams mean? Okay!
  • Maido (Howdy) is a greeting used by shopkeepers. It literally can be translated to "Howdy".
  • Megane (Dexter) means "Glasses".
  • Taishou (Boss) literally means Boss. As a side note, Taishou is also the name of an Era in Japanese Imperial history (early 20th century).
  • Torahamu-chan and Torahamu-kun (Sandy and Stan, respectively) are derived from "Tora" and "Hamustaa" (Tiger and Hamster) Tiger, because of their markings that resemble tiger stripes.
  • Muffler (Pashimina) is the English-Japanese cognate they use for scarf.
  • Chibimaru (Penelope) literally means "Little Circle".
  • Koushi (Oxnard) means "calf", mainly for Oxnard's markings (he looks like a little cow).
  • Kaburu (Cappy) means "to wear a hat".
  • Tongari (Jingle) means...well.."jingle".
  • Neteru (Snoozer) means "sleeper".
  • Ribon (Bijou) refers to her ribbons. Another cognate.

Version differences

Some of the names of the Ham-Hams were changed from the Japanese version (Japanese names in parentheses):

Boss (Taishou), Bijou (Ribon-chan), Dexter (Megane), Howdy (Maido), Pashmina (Muffler), Oxnard (Koushi), Penelope (Chibimaru), Jingle (Tongari), Snoozer (Neteru), Maxwell (Noppo), Sandy and Stan (Torahamu-chan and Torahamu-kun), and Cappy (Kaburu). Panda and Hamtaro retained their names.

Contributed by Iris-chan (72) on Dec 02, 2002. [revised by : Patrick Bregger (256764)]. -- edit trivia