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Men in Black: The Series Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Color version

Legal crap.
It's a raid! Oh, wait. It's the title screen.
Meet the twins: Bweryang and Bob.
Mission one briefing.
Always did like a little Vieneese cinnamon before I kick alien butt.
We're going to need a really big roach motel...
To the elevator!
Just waiting for the next floor.
Here, you'll deal with a reject from the Blue Man Group.
A killer molecule?
Watch out! It's a guy who paid to see "Bad Boys II"!
That little silver sphere caused the 1977 New York blackout. A practical joke by the Great Attractor. He thought it was funny as hell.
I know what you're thinking, punk. "Did he fire six gorlocks or only five?"
"You also have '1' unheard message. First unheard message..."
Frank gives you the next mission.
If an alien can make it here, they can make it anywhere!
It's a Pokemon reject! SPLATTER ITS GUTS!
The neighborhood never recovered from the effects of the illegal fireworks factory fire...
Hey, Frank! What's the good word?
Wow, he really wants his copy of Modern Bride!
Watch out for the manholes.
I believe the mass of garbled graphics in the background is supposed to be the Manhattan skyline.
You blew it, numbnuts!
That was close.
Level introduction.
"Deranged Alcidians are on the loose..."