Micro Maniacs Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Running a race in a maze
Character selection.
Mode: Time Trial - Challenge. So many "stages".
Jet Set Go.
Soap Dodgers.
Photo Finish.
Because I am photogenic.
Straight N Marrow.
Well done.
Bedsit Blues.
That's a nice environment for sure.
Apiary Japery.
Handyman Hurdles... Start!
Watch out!
Hoops A-Daisy.
Blade Runners.
All Over The Shop.
Supp buddy?
Party Poopers. Happy birthday...
Blueprint Sprint.
Retro Boost.
Lovely cartridges.
Who wants to play JeTRON?
Yeps, let's play JeTRON then...
Half Pipe Dream. NO?!? Sure thing...
Car N Edge.
Domestic Blisters!
Password. Well... enough... I won't show the other "races" (16 or so...).
Memoirs. Reading some info about the characters...