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Microsoft Puzzle Collection Entertainment Pack Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

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Main title Screen
Jewel Chase - Title Screen
Jewel Chase - Use the blue and red square to change to the blue route
Jewel Chase - When you've collected everything go to the arrow to finish the level
Jewel Chase - As well as blue and red there is now green and yellow routes
Jewel Chase - The route get less and less obvious as the game progresses
Spring Weekend - Title Screen
Spring Weekend - You need to get the big puzzle in the same order as the small one
Spring Weekend - The first puzzle is simple
Spring Weekend - The puzzles get harder and harder
Lineup - Title Screen
Lineup - Place the shapes in order
Lineup - More and more shapes appear
Finty Flush - Title Screen
Finty Flush - Drop the ball bearings onto the grid
Finty Flush - You can switch to another grid if it gets full up
Color Collision - Title Screen
Color Collision - Hitting a wrong coloured line loses you a life
Rat Poker - Title Screen
Color Collision - Guide the pattern into the blue ones
Rat Poker - The rate start coming out
Rat Poker - Stop the rats with the ball
Rat Poker - You soon get overwhelmed with rats