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NASCAR 2000 Game Boy Color Title screen.


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GameSpot (Aug 07, 2000)
About the only area NASCAR 2000 doesn't excel in is sound quality. Maybe after coding the game's intricate gameplay or 3D visual engine, the developer ran out of space for decent audio. Whatever the case, the solitary background track and four sound effects get old well nigh instantly. The scaling engine noises are a nice touch, but this is about all NASCAR 2000 has going for it with respect to audio. Despite this shortcoming, though, NASCAR 2000 is still a worthwhile addition to the GBC's stock of racing titles. It is a decent arcade-style racing game with simulation elements, and it succeeds at being both fun and engaging.
Total! (Germany) (Sep, 2000)
Grafisch wirkt NASCAR 2000 nicht sonderlich spektakul├Ąr, da die Kurse im Gegensatz zu den Fahrzeugen nur mit recht wenigen Details aufwarten k├Ânnen. Dennoch bietet dieses Spiel aufgrund der umfangreichen Optionen und der gut aufgelegten Computer-Gegner eine Menge Spa├č f├╝r alle Stockcar-Fans.
IGN (Aug 04, 2000)
Don't get me wrong -- I'd much rather be a fair-weather fan boy than have to wade through NASCAR games as a career, but taken in moderation and with the right frame of mind, they can be fun. And THQ's version of the EA Sports NASCAR franchise is, despite an awful graphics engine, enough fun for what it is to warrant a look for NASCAR fans. If you're just a casual race game, first off you should know never to be duped into a review by the NASCAR name ever again (need I say it again? LEFT TURNS!) and to instead check out Infogrames Wacky Races and Test Drive Le Mans. But if you're one of those guys living in wherever-the-heck you are and can't get enough NASCAR, all of the stats and licenses and realistic car options and knick-knacks and whatnot will light up your life. And even for others who fear NASCAR like all other things Southern, this pocket racer won't hurt you as much as, say, abolition of Darwinism or a nasty rodeo accident.
Mega Fun (Sep, 2000)
Grafik und Sound sind f├╝r Game-Boy-Verh├Ąltnisse gut gelungen und sogar echtes Speed-Feeling kommt auf. Beim Gameplay allerdings scheiden sich die Geister, denn durch die lediglich ovalf├Ârmigen Rundkurse kommt bei vielen Fahrern schnell Langeweile auf. Andere hingegen begeistern sich f├╝r die stetigen, spannenden Positionsk├Ąmpfe. Je nachdem, zu welcher der beiden Gruppen ihr geh├Ârt, ist der Titel f├╝r euch top oder ein Flop. Im Windschatten fahren hin, 16 sehr ├Ąhnliche Strecken her, technisch ├╝berzeugt Nascar 2000. Den Rest m├╝sst ihr f├╝r euch selbst entscheiden.
Es ist eben ein Nascar-Spiel und da fahren die Wagen bekanntlich linksherum und nur links. Wer also Autorennen mag und kein Problem damit hat, sein Steuerkreuz ausschlie├člich nach links zu dr├╝cken, darf zugreifen.
Video Games (Sep, 2000)
Das eigentliche Renngeschehen gibt sich grafisch unterdurchschnittlich und ist auch akustisch mager ausgefallen, besticht daf├╝r aber durch seinen hohen Realismusgrad: 20 Wagen gleichzeitig auf der Strecke, alle besitzen ein Schadensmodell, m├╝ssen tanken usw. NASCAR-Fans fahren Probe.
NASCAR 2000 is a straightforward racing experience. The season is essentially 16 different races on the same track and you can choose among 34 cars that are only slightly different in appearance. Despite this, the game is much more fun to play than Test Drive Le Mans and other racing titles for the Game Boy Color simply because it's more difficult to win on a consistent basis.
Da Gameboyz (Jul 07, 2004)
Enter NASCAR 2000, the second NASCAR game to grace the screen of the Gameboy Color. As part of EA Sports' series of "2000" sports games, it is hard to tell whether NASCAR was created for the purpose of porting this series to the small screen, or whether it's simply a "me too" cash-in on the recent success of Infogames' Wacky Races and Test Drive Le Mans. Regardless, NASCAR 2000 makes great use of the NASCAR license and has a bunch of features that make it stand out from the pack. Although NASCAR fans are probably the only ones to truly appreciate many of the game's charms, NASCAR 2000 does present a unique experience unlike any other Gameboy racer.
EA Sports' famous franchise has come to the Game Boy Color in all its racing glory. But something's not quite right on the handheld. Sure, players can tweak the cars to their delight, race on 16 real NASCAR tracks while controlling one of 25 real NASCAR drivers and even link up to race head-to-head on the official tracks. Really, this Game Boy Color game has everything a NASCAR fan wants -- but that's about it. The graphics are definitely on the poor side, and let's face it -- a sport where cars can only turn left isn't exactly for everyone. However, those looking for fairly realistic NASCAR fun will happily spend hours zipping around a circular race track.

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