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Written by  :  Shadowcaster (261)
Written on  :  Dec 02, 2001
Platform  :  Game Boy Color

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Shocking fun and addictive!

The Good

Pokemon Silver provides a fun mix of strategic, turn-based combat combined with the fun of collecting new Pokemon. The combat system is easy to understand, and the number of Pokemon available to collect is mind boggling - there are over 200 hundred different types! The real-time in-game clock means that if you go through the same area at 10pm that you did at 10am, the experience may be totally different.

The Bad

Although the real-time clock is interesting, the inability to reset it after the start of the game means the player must play the game during both day and night to capture every Pokemon. Also, some Pokemon will only evolve if they are very happy with their trainer. However, there is no way to gauge a Pokemon's happiness level. This can become very frustrating as the game progresses. Finally, it is impossible to catch all the Pokemon without owning Pokemon Gold as well.

The Bottom Line

A fun hybrid of turn based combat, role-playing, and collecting. Don't ignore this game just because it says Pokemon in the title. You will become addicted.