Pop'n Pop Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Title screen
Main menu
Select what character you will play as.
Opening story
Starting level 1
I made a balloon match and they are popping.
If you match with a balloon with an up arrow in it, the clouds will move up a little.
Level 2
That time, after I cleared, I leveled up.
Level 3
The first boss.
If he hits you with his arrow, you will be unable to move for a short time and you will release your balloons, whether you're in position or not.
The boy is freaking out because the balloons are getting close to the bottom.
Boss defeated!
The game map.
Area B, level 1. The blue and white balloons will pop if next to a popping group.
New colors.
The second boss.
He drops ice that freezes you.
This level means your balloons can miss easier.
The balloons reached the bottom.
I didn't continue so game over.