Shantae Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Title screen.
Title screen (in Game Boy Advance).
Choosing a save slot.
Shantae walking across WayForward logo
Starting the game: pirates attack!
First eye-to-eye with Risky Boots
Some items are hidden
The town is saved! Or is it?
A bit of backstory explained
In a town
Towns are full of citizens who love to chat
Town shop
Warp squid mom looking for her babies
There's a firefly out there, only visible during night time
The slopes are steep
Bath house (a free healing point). Hello, sweetie!
An entrance to one of the sealed temples
Fighting a crawfish monster
A valuable 1-up!
Freed girls teach Shantae new dances
Dance parlor. Hello girls!
Dance parlor minigame
Shantae turned into a monkey
It's constantly raining in this area
In the strange lands...
Fighting a zombie
A heart container detected
In the desert
One more bossfight
Dice minigame
Bizarre creatures...
Play Shantae on GameBoy Advance to get some secret stuff. In my case, I get none
Using one of combat items
Inventory full of various items
Dance menu (blank, not to spoil anything)
Game over
Shantae turned into a spider
Shantae turned into a harpy
First boss fight - against ship
Small devils
Living scarecrow
Spider in forest
Bigger devil
Strange statue
Crawling fish
Water monster