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Cubed3 (Aug 19, 2012)
Toki Tori was an excellent late Game Boy Color title, perfectly suited for portable gaming. Making impressive and educated use of the console's graphical abilities, the game looks delightfully colourful -- more so than the vast majority of the console's library -- and turns out perfectly animated. Beyond the graphical prowess, while the gameplay is nothing to write home about, the inventiveness of the different levels will both make you pull your hair out due to the high level of challenge, but growl with pleasure when you finally manage to get the solution to a particularly hard level, which feels highly rewarding.
Some of the advanced levels are so challenging and insanely frustrating that younger players may not enjoy them. Unfortunately, gamers who stay away because of the cute anime character on the box cover will miss a wonderful puzzle adventure. Regardless of the number of times you have to restart the levels, you'll never switch off the Game Boy Color in disgust, only to get some sleep.
IGN (Oct 23, 2001)
As the lifespan of the Game Boy Color winds down to its last remaining few gasps of breath, it's outstanding to see that the system's last days will have a few games to give gamers something really special to play before they move on. Toki Tori is a real stunner for the 8-bit portable, because it offers a excellent playing game in a design that pushes amazing graphic techniques that the system is definitely not known for.
Rassurez-vous, le jeu comporte plus de 60 stages répartis en cinq mondes. De plus, lorsque vous finissez un de ces mondes, vous pouvez les refaire dans un mode de difficulté plus élevé ! Côté réalisation, les programmeurs ont joué la carte du minimalisme. Les graphismes sont mignons, mais pas très fouillés. Et, l’animation n’étant pas vraiment détaillée non plus, on ne risque pas de voir des ralentissements. Enfin, la musique est entraînante, mais elle ne change pas souvent.
80 (UK) (Mar 17, 2002)
A cutesy platform puzzler with an evil learning curve that bends at a 90-degree angle makes Toki Tori quite a shock to the system at first. Blending this with well-animated and colourful characters, devious level design and a charming soundtrack make Toki Tori an entertaining and challenging addition to any mobile gaming collection though.
Toki Tori has a good mix of levels, each with allocated power-ups and a time limit. The four separate worlds mean you won't be screwed if you get stuck on one level, and auto-saving battery back-up eliminates the need to take a pen and paper in the bathroom with you to keep track of crummy passwords. The whole experience may be best described as a side-scrolling Lolo, which is quite a compliment. It may not be a breakthrough or a must-have, but Toki Tori represents what a good Game Boy cart should be.
I am a big fan of puzzle games, especially on the Game Boy Color, but even with all the challenges that Toki Tori offers, I just didn’t get addicted. Fun for a while, but I had no problem putting it down.