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VIP Credits

Ubi Soft Entertainment

ProducersYves Guillemot, Vincent Minoué, Fabrice Pierre-Élien
Project ManagerValérie Beaufils
ConceptionAnne-Claire Cherpion
Game DesignerJean-Marc Marcin
EMEA Brand ManagerGuillaume Eppe
US Brand ManagerDennis Roy
Local Brand ManagersChristian Born, Jim Hill, Thorsten Kapp, Igor Manceau, Oriol Rosel
Localization ManagerMatthieu Boulard
US Code ManagerWillie Wareham
Test ManagersVincent Pâquet, Nikola Milisavljevic, Éric Martineau
QA ManagerÉric Tremblay
TestersPierre-Luc Boily, Alexandre Galipeau, Jean-François Giroux, David Thibaudeau, Louis-Sébastien Vachon

Planet Interactive Development

C.E.O.Marc Djan
Project ManagerIsabelle Thorin
Technical Manager/Lead ProgrammerEric Zmiro
ProgrammerRodney Munch
GraphicsTimothy McGrath
Additional GraphicsMichèle Bacqué, Bertrand Dupuy
Level DesignersErwan Imbault, Julien Cartier
Game DesignersBrice Caspar, Planet
Original MusicMark Cooksey

Special Thanks to

CastPamela Anderson (as Vallery Irons), Shaun Baker (as Quick Williams), Leah Lail (as Kay Simmons), Dustin Nguyen (as Johnny Loh), Molly Culver (as Tasha Dexter), Natalie Raitano (as Nikki Franco)

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (57691)