Wario Land II Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Start screen
Three suspicious characters enters Wario's castle
After stealing his treasures, they flooded his castle and left a giant alarm clock ringing in his cellar
Our hero sleeps uncomfortably as the clock rings
Chapter start
Crouching on a turtle's back and travel across rapid currents
Have a giant owl fly you
Watch out for these eels...
If they get you, they will grab you down into the currents and make you start the whole thing over
These Pelicans will shoot fish at you
Boss fight - You got to beat this bunny by making three shots in the basket...
If you're not careful, Torchers will set Wario on fire!
Eventually, Wario will turn into a giant flame...which would be useful if you need to break any of these flame-print blocks
If Wario is hit by Freezy's ice, he will be frozen and sent sliding backwards until he hit a wall and defrost
Spear Wizard can shrink Wario down
Which will allow him to enter small gaps
If Wario get's stung by Buzz, he will puff up
That will allow him to float around in high areas until he hit the ceiling
Don't get hit by these penguin's balls, they will send Wario into a drunken frenzy. The upside is that you can use his drunk-gas on his enemies
Cakers likes to feed Wario with cakes which will make Wario temporarily fat
This will allow him to defeat enemies simply by walking into them and bouncing them off with his giant belly
As fat-Wario, you can break extra strong blocks
These blocks can only be broken if you throw an enemy at it
If Malletape hits you with its hammers, it will smash Wario down into a slinky, allowing him to reach high areas
Treasure Mini Game - Throughout each story you can find a mini-game. You can choose how much time you'd get to find the matching tile before it is turned over again
By pressing start and select you will be taken to the this screen which allows you to view the number of coins, treasures and puzzle pieces you have. It also let's you save your game.
You will get a breakdown of how much coins you've collected and if you found any treasures
At the end of each story, you will be given the opportunity to play another mini game where you have to guess what number it is.
On a train
Turned into a mummy
Fighting Captain Syrup
After the fight with Captain Syrup expect a change in mini-game rules
My treasure collection at some point of the game
Fighting a boss - the ghost
Handy map lets you revisit stages
Unlockable game: Flagman D-D
Flagman D-D help screen
Flagman D-D gameplay
Wario found the really final chapter entrance
Entering the really final chapter
That's how the real final chapter looks
It's also very hard compared to the rest of the game
Title screen (SGB)