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Advertising Blurbs – Game Boy Color:
    Based on the hit KidsWB! TV series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: Dark Duel Story is a monster-driven card-battle game.

    In each turn, you put one monster on the battleground and set it to attack or defend. If rival monsters' Attack and Defense factors balance out, the winner is determined by a complex series of alignment relationships.

    After wiping out a duelist's monsters, you can attack the duelist directly. Winners garner cards and card parts, which are used to assemble even stronger cards.

    Two friends can battle each other via a Game Boy Game Link cable.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: Dark Duel Story is in stores now.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65803) on May 16, 2005.

Atari Australia website - Game Boy Color:

    Based on the hit animated TV show, Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories features all of your favorite characters from the series. Players must gain cards and experience to become the strongest duelist in the world. Create a customized deck out of 10,000 possible cards and duel against Tristan, Kaiba, Yugi, Pegasus and others. Win battles to earn cards, trade with friends, import cards from the official card game or even create your own with the construction feature in order to complete your collection.

    A collectible card game based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! television series, this game lets you construct your deck, duel rivals, gain experience, and ultimately face off with the four Rulers of Ancient Egypt, keepers of the fabled Millennium Items. Strategy is the key as you unleash attacks like Fusion and Sacrifice to summon ever more powerful monsters. Defeat opponents by skilfully using monster and magic cards to your advantage to become the King of Games.

    Players can compete against either the game's artificial intelligence or another Duel Monsters player via the Game Boy link cable. Selecting from a deck of hundreds of unique battle cards with thousands of possible combinations, players must attack, defend, and combine monsters and set traps in order to drain their opponents' life points and win the game.

    Players must carefully build up their 40-card deck, selecting from eight different types of cards (earth, wind, water, fire, dark, light, magic, and trap) in order to compete on the Duel Field.

  • Create a deck from over 10,000 unique game cards
  • Import cards from the official Trading Card Game
  • Duel head-to-head and trade cards with your friends
  • 20 monster classes and 11 alignments

    Contributed by Xoleras (66692) on May 07, 2004.