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The Amazing Spider-Man (Game Boy)

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Written by  :  Dbchannel (115)
Written on  :  Dec 15, 2017
Rating  :  3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars

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An Enjoyable Platformer

The Good

Spider-Man swings into the original Game Boy system, as only a spider can. At the scene of the crime, he arrives, just in time. Spider-Man has to utilize all his super powers in order to bring down a gang of super villains who have kidnapped our webbed wonders' wife.

LJN Toys published the game, but, thankfully, Rare handled the programming. Spider-Man features nice, 8-bit, black and white graphics. The characters are large, the urban levels are well designed and you can jam out to game's funky soundtrack.

Familiar super villains taunt our hero between levels, and act as bosses. Spidey can punch, kick, duck, swing on webs and shoot web projectiles. Minor enemies drop icons that give you points, restore your health and give you more web fluid.

Most of the game involves side-scrolling levels, but a couple levels have you climbing up a skyscrapper, a nice nod to Spider-Man 's adventure on the Atari 2600. This game has lots of nice little touches that show respect for comic book universe.

The Bad

Spider-Man is a solid platformer, but it doesn't break any new ground in the genre. The story involves a damsel in distress, the levels are pretty straightforward, the enemies in the game are standard for the genre and each boss follows his own pattern that is easy to spot.

The cut scenes between the levels look nice and feature some catchy dialogue, but the ending is a letdown. Also, because the game was made in 1990, we get to see Spider-Man talking to the villains via a big, bulky cell phones. Wow.

My biggest complaint is that Spider-Man is a tad difficult to control in certain situations. You have a regular and super jump. The super jump, for lack of a better phrase, is necessary in certain places and requires you to get a bit of a walking start.

The super jump also seems to be required to start swinging on your webs. Sometimes when you want a super jump, you end up doing a regular jump. It's not a huge problem, but it does occasionally happen.

The Bottom Line

The Amazing Spider-Man is an enjoyable, black and white platformer. It was released early in the Game Boy's life, and contemporary gamers might not be as impressed as gamers were back in 1990. To be sure, this Spider-Man game doesn't break new ground in the genre, and it's control mechanics have a few rough spots. The Amazing Spider-Man may not be "Amazing", but it is well made and it is fun to play.