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Efficient level grindingContributed by thrawn (67) on Apr 05, 2016.

On the whole, FFL3 is quite friendly to level-grinding. Experience requirements rise with each level, but not astronomically, and experience per encounter isn't reduced as your level rises.

The key to making level grinding really effective is to make it efficient. If you can finish a fight in one round - or even one attack - then you can go through a lot of fights very quickly, even if you don't get much experience per fight, and you won't have to stop to deal with your party getting poisoned, heavily damaged, etc. You really want every hit to take out at least one enemy, preferably more than one. If you find that the monsters you're facing are too strong for that, then go back and find weaker ones. Finishing lots of quick & easy fights is just as effective and much safer than finishing hard ones.

The following may help you:

- The simulator doesn't drop meat or parts, so you can train without being distracted.

- Several monsters have talents that strike all enemies at full power. Most notably, you only need to reach level 5 to get access to Baby-D, which has the Quake talent. After that, there's Gigaworm (L13), Garuda (L17), Wheel (L21), Tempest (L25), and Firefan (L27). With enough training, or multiple monsters (ideally using different element types to get around resistances), you can smash all your opponents very quickly.

- If you are running an emulator, rather than a real Game Boy, then there should be a key to speed things up. For example, in VisualBoy, hold the spacebar. Very useful!

- If you grab the Float magic ASAP at the start of the game and go to Elan, you can get psi knives, which will allow your Mutants to deal a reasonable amount of damage. This won't advance the storyline immediately (ie you won't lose Myron), so you can come back and level grind properly afterward. Alternatively, you can turn your Mutants into beasts (until level 5; then they should become Baby-D).

- Once you get the E-Ray unit, if you immediately backtrack out of the dungeon instead of continuing onward, you won't advance the storyline, and consequently the Talon will be able to one-shot all enemies by itself.

- Do NOT bother fighting the Waterhags or Dwelgs in their villages. Especially Dwelgs. Yes, you can fight them as many times as you want, but they are massively overpowered and give you really measly XP.

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