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Disc One Nuke: Baby-DContributed by thrawn (67) on Apr 28, 2016.

At levels 5 and 6, your party members can transform into the Baby-D monster, which has a Quake talent that deals over 50 damage to all enemies. With 4 Baby-Ds, you can curb-stomp most of the Present and Past. As Monsters, they don't use equipment, either, allowing you to save up your cash for later.

However, at this point in the game, you level up quite quickly, and once you reach level 7, you can't transform into Baby-D any more.

You need 8 meats at the minimum, with at least 4 coming from Monsters rather than Beasts, and they need to have the correct elemental types. To get them all in time, you'll probably need to:

- Start early. Make sure all your characters are Beasts *before* level 5.

- Consult a transformation table to determine which meat each character needs.

- Try North Tower for some extra meat types, like Earth and Fire. However, you get more XP there, so be careful about levelling up.

- Save beforehand and retry if needed.

- Run away from any fights that don't have appropriate monsters.

There are other monsters with attack-all talents, but you'll need to train up to level 13 for the next one (Gigaworm). Fortunately, with a party of Baby-Ds, grinding is very efficient.

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