The Flintstones Credits (Game Boy)

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The Flintstones Credits


Software by Twilight
Lead CodingRobin Holman
Lead GraphicsWayne Billingham
CodingNeil Holmes
GraphicsDavid Bland
MusicEnigma Variations
Game DesignWayne Billingham, Robin Holman, Neil Holmes
UtilitiesMark Mason, Justin Johnson
ProducersMark Mason, Stuart Cook
AgentJohn Cook
Executive ProducerJon Oldham
Play Testing (Ocean QA)Daniel Bourne (as Danny Bourne), Richard Brooks, Andrew Burgess, Anthony Burns (as Tony Burns), Mike Carrol (as Mike Carroll), Lee Clare, Simon Crawford, Jonathan Dale, George Drumer (as George Drummer), Joe Duffy, Maria Drumer (as Maria Drummer), Paul Flanagan, John Holden, Paul Johnson, Simon Longworth, Anthony McGarry (as Tony McGarry), Stuart Poole, Alan Shevlin, Cheryl Wadsworth
Thanks to♥Emily♥, Samuel, Pippa, Tammy, and, Dave, People, Jay, and, Melly, Chris, and, Sarah, Dyl, Bleep, Doug, Chris, Baggy, Matt, Greenie, Anita, Mum, Dad, Kirsty

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Credits for this game were contributed by LepricahnsGold (128349) and リカルド・フィリペ (168128)