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Godzilla Credits

16 people (1 developers, 15 thanks)


ProgrammerYukinori Taniguchi (credited as Yukinori / Akabay Yukinori T. / A. Y. Taniguchi)

Dedication (from Yukinori)

To NorieWe have spent so many days together and that now we understand each other very well. I tell you that you are the most attractive person I've ever met. I am so happy that I was born to meet you and you love me and..... I love you!
Special thanks toHiroshi Agari, Hirofumi Morino, They are my best friends and helped me with making puzzle patterns. I thank them very much!
Dear CoatsHow are you? I've been doing pretty fine that you can see this message. But I'm sorry that I can't visit you yet. Please don't get angry. I never forget to keep trying to visit you. I hope to see you soon. Maybe I will take my lover 'Norie' with me., Love. Yukinori
Special Thanx to these Test PlayersHideki Nabeta, Hirofumi Morino, Hiroshi Agari, Isao Fujii, Kaori Saito, Mizuho Saito, Naoko Nitta, Shinsuke Kishida, Takafumi Terasoma, Tohru Fukushima, Yasuyuki Nagasawa

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rik Hideto (395925) and Игги Друге (46327)