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Kirby's Dream Land 2 Screenshots (Game Boy)

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Big Forest
Swimming with Kine
Super Game Boy Enhancements
Take flight with Coo
Explore first world
Swallow star with power, and enemy
Rainy song
Hit umbrella
Umbrella like a shield
Go to door.
Cute hamster
Riding on hamster - Mario & Yoshi have a rivals
Clown on apple
You can't escape!
Many stars
In cave
Defeated boss
Kirby's little cheat
Japanese title screen
The game has a save feature allowing for three separate save files
Short intro
Kirby and friends enjoy sound test
Fighting one of mid-bosses for a power-up and a friend
After any boss is beaten, that boss fight can be re-entered for a bonus game
Every level has a cute animated intro
Coo is a helpful friend, with him Kirby retains the sucking ability while flying
One of the Rainbow drops that are tricky to obtain
Many abilities are transformed when Kirby is joined by a friend. Here, we'll treat these hedgehogs to their own medicine.
Kirby's signature dance
There are some dark rooms here and there; finding a way to illuminate them can be rewarding
A boss fight
Turned into a cube of ice by the penguin
Kirby can't fly against the wind
Fire power-up
Game over, Kirby
Later enemies can't be sucked in
Fighting a ninja
A fight with King Dedede
Dark Matter (first form)
Dark Matter (second form)