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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Screenshots (Game Boy)

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title Screen
You awake here
You found your sword!
The owl gives you advice
Visit the Witch
The Entrance to Tail Cave
Inside the Tail Cave
Underground Passageway
First sub-boss
First boss
At last, the first instrument
After rescuing Bow Wow, he clears the way to the second dungeon
A small Jump'N Run passage
The second boss is invincible until you find a way to damage his bottle
One of many the caves that can be explored
This strange fellow has the key to the third dungeon
Inside a castle
These mid-bosses have to be fed with bombs
No Zelda game without Fairy Fountains
In the desert
At the graveyard, fighting a large ghost
Boss-fight vs a giant fish
Using the feather to jump over a hole in the bridge
Link got Marin!
Fight on beach
Hole in the ground
Good thing
Time to some fight