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Written by  :  rey_ (305)
Written on  :  Jun 16, 2001
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You're in a maze of straight, boring passages, all alike.

The Good

There's an option to turn off the music.

The Bad

This is the worst game I've ever seen.

Everywhere you go, the game looks exactly the same. That is, a completely random maze in that wonderful 3D wireframe look. Most 'art' (monster deaths, object transformations) is just a random blob of pixels.

The only thing you do is wandering around a maze, collecting/transforming items and fighting monsters.

Fighting monsters? Sorry, I meant pressing the A button quickly.

Transforming items? "Let's see, I've got a piece of iron. There's a fire pool here. Let's drop the iron. Hey, now I have a glass key." There's no logic or anything in the 'puzzles', you just have to try all possible combinations and take notes of the results.

Wandering around in a maze? I've got better things to do.

There's no way to save your game, but that's ok, since you don't want to play this game a second time.

The Bottom Line

This is the worst Gameboy game you'll ever see. However, if that's what you like (Mobygames has a 'bottom games' listing for some reason), don't wait -- get it now!

(What, you don't like our Bottom Games listing? Come on, it's fun! ;-) --Editor)