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Nakajima Satoru Kanshū F-1 Hero GB Screenshots (Game Boy)

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Before the title screen.
Title screen.
Warming up... circuit select.
Grand Prix... input name.
Team select. McLeran...!
Round 1. Level 1. Rival is... A. Susuki (Aguri Suzuki).
Machine setting.
American GP. It's raining.
First! However two (or even more) cars are very close.
No more rain. That weird car will always appear when you finish the race. And about the trouble parts, who cares?
GP introduction. Qualifying session. Interlagos is correct! Date is pretty accurate, not bad, not bad...
First password. If you reset the game and insert this password... you will start a new (harder) championship...
This will appear if... just read the game's description.
Second rival is J. Arezi... (Jean Alesi).
Third rival is... G. Bergir (Gerhard Berger).
British GP. Ups, shit happens if you are not careful. (Btw, the ROM is all fu*ked up, it's impossible to take decent screenshots during races...).
Fourth rival is N. Pique (Nelson Piquet).
Hungarian GP.
Pit in... holy shit, 0% for both "tire" and "sus". Better repairing them all.
Done! But fujoy, I went down to sixth (last) place. Repairing stuff was a BAD choice.
N. Mansena (Nigel Mansell), the fifth rival. Nice mustache, dude.
Sixth rival is... A. Brost (Alain Prost). Or Medusa head... kinda...
Erm, it's Estoril and not Estril!
Seventh rival! The greatest A. Zenna (Ayrton Senna).
Starting Grit. Yes, grit. Pole position for Riki, the infamous(?) driver.
Japanese GP. Lost three positions (purposely) but I will recover.
Last rival... last level... last round... wtf, this "first championship" makes no sense at all.
"Drivers point". Riki is the champion. But where's Ayrton Senna? So he only competed in two GP? Really nonsense... :)
... but... if I use the Level 8 password, the championship's story will be totally different. ;) ... btw, the Ending message.
The infamous F1 driver with one of his girlfriends (yes, he's a womanizer). Credits. Programmers: Natsu System.
Imola (San Marino Grand Prix). After all nothing is wrong with the ROM. The game works perfectly using another emulator.
Monza (Italian Grand Prix). Warming up. Wet weather... The player can choose "Rain", "Dry", or "Wet".