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Catch MewContributed by Matt Neuteboom (989) on Apr 23, 2006.

There is a way to get Mew in the game. It is important to note that Mew is not part of the complete 150 pokemon, and any person who is not able to catch Mew will still be able to catch all 150 pokemon. When playing with any glitch, it is best to save the game before you proceed with this as a precaution. If you save any time during the process, it might become impossible to redo if you fail. If at any time you screw up the process, restart it over again

Before you start, you cannot fight two trainers in the game. The first is a Youngster with a Slowpoke above Nugget Bridge near Cerulean City. The second is a gambler with poliwag near the eastern entrance of the East/West underground tunnel near Saffron City. If you have already faced either of these trainers already, the glitch cannot be done. You also need the HM Fly taught to a pokemon that can use it.

Walk in front of the east entrance in East/West underground tunnel, avoiding the trainer there, since he is the second trainer you cannot fight in order to do this. Go down one step in the underground tunnel, and stop right there. Press star and fly to Curelean City. If you did it right, you shouldn't be able to pause the game. Since you can't pause the game, walk up Nugget Bridge (the bridge to the north) and fight the Youngster around there. Make sure you leave at least one block of space in front of you and the Youngster when he spots you, or you will not be able to do this.

Beat the trainer and you should be able to pause again (if you can't, it is best that you reset the game immediately). Fly to lavender town and exit the town via the left exit. Mew should appear. If he doesn't, reset the game and try again.

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