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Atari 50

Shaq Fu Screenshots (Game Boy)

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title screen
Main menu
Two non-Shaq characters.
The undead are good at jumping it seems.
Distance attack.
Dear lord! Can such a thing be!?
Shaq vs. The Amazon
An Amazonian wararang.
Shaq's mighty kick...
... brings defeat.
Score for the match.
She looks a bit beat up...
Monster leaps in a clumsy, but effective, way.
Shaq no like monster.
So it begins..
Shake Vs. Cat Woman
She has quite a gymnastic leap.
Shake in India.
The necromancer uses his shield
The amazon also has a shield, although less flashy.
Monster seems to be from China, the plateau of Leng perhaps?
The ultimate evil Sett!
Shaq give a taunt.
Sett give a kick.
Set makes like a mummy for his victory.
Sett's sad face, this bad boy doesn't like to lose.
Shame on you Sett.
It was well worth it.